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Automating Our Way Out of Federal Data Centers and Into the Cloud: Automated Image Pipelines

Oct 07, 2019

Learn how HashiCorp Packer was used to design a pipeline that could be used in federal agencies to migrate into AWS GovCloud and Azure Government.

Exiting a datacenter or pursuing hybrid cloud is a significant lift for an enterprise. Federal agencies in particular will encounter a number of unique challenges while verifying the integrity of systems as they cross the datacenter or cloud barrier.

Packer delivers a unique solution by providing a gateway from traditional datacenter image management processes to cloud-native ones. In this talk, you'll learn how Packer was used to automate the management and delivery of "golden" cloud images based on datacenter images, which in turn came from secure physical media.

Building on Chef to orchestrate the hardening and federal configuration points in the image, the Packer pipeline dramatically reduced the time infrastructure engineers spent on maintenance of gold images, and facilitated rapid deployment of new systems in the cloud. This talk covers how the pipeline was designed and integrated into AWS GovCloud and Azure Government.


  • Marcelo Zambrana

    Marcelo Zambrana

    Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft
  • Nicholas Mellen

    Nicholas Mellen

    Associate Manager, Accenture

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