AWS Terraform Landing Zone (TLZ) Accelerator

Oct 07, 2019

Watch Amazon announce and demo their Terraform Landing Zone (TLZ) AWS Accelerator preview version at HashiConf.

Terraform Landing Zone (TLZ) is an Amazon Web Services Accelerator that helps customers more quickly set up a secure, multi-account AWS environment based on AWS best practices with a strong isolation barrier between workloads. This solution saves time by automating the provisioning of core and application accounts and leverages the extensive providers Terraform has to extend provisioning to third party resources in addition to AWS. This enables a self-service and automated secure infrastructure within AWS.

In this talk, you'll get to see senior cloud delivery architect Brad Hankel demo an early preview release of TLZ.


  • Brad Hankel

    Brad Hankel

    Senior Cloud Delivery Architect, AWS

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