Cloud Native Azure Infrastructure Deployment Using Terraform

Oct 07, 2019

Hear Microsoft Azure's insights about how users are typically deploying cloud-native workloads, provisioning and configuring Kubernetes clusters, and packaging serverless solutions.

As more workloads start their life (or their new life) in the cloud, they need both the platform and the tooling capable of delivering deployments and upgrades that are repeatable, scalable, and fast. Microsoft Azure and HashiCorp Terraform are integrated to provide a great platform and provisioning experience for the cloud.

In this session, Microsoft will walk through common scenarios that they see their customers adopting in Azure for deploying cloud-native workloads, from provisioning and configuring Kubernetes clusters to packaging serverless solutions as HCL. They will also share the roadmap of what is next for Azure and Terraform.


  • Eugene Chuvyrov

    Eugene Chuvyrov

    Senior Cloud Architect, Microsoft
  •  Mark Gray

    Mark Gray

    Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

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