HashiCast Episode 30 - Anubhav Mishra & Paul Banks, HashiCorp

Join us with Anubhav Mishra (Advisor to the CTO) and Paul Banks (Engineering Lead for HashiCorp Consul) as we discuss the HashiCorp Consul Global Scale Benchmark.


  • Anubhav Mishra
    Anubhav MishraTechnical Advisor to the CTO, HashiCorp
  • Paul Banks
    Paul BanksSoftware Engineer, HashiCorp

This episode features HashiCorp's Anubhav Mishra, advisor to the CTO, and Paul Banks, engineering lead for HashiCorp Consul.

Join us as we chat with Mishra and Paul about the Consul Global Scale Benchmark! Go behind the scenes as we discuss how they built the benchmarks, what they measured, and what challenges they faced in testing and building a service mesh. We also learn about their favorite musical instruments.

Podcast Notes


  • Rosemary Wang
    Rosemary WangDeveloper Advocate, HashiCorp

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