HashiConf EU 2019 Opening Keynote

Watch HashiCorp founders Mitchell Hashimoto and Armon Dadgar share new features of Consul that will have a significant impact in the service mesh space, plus, a guest case study from Datadog and some new Nomad features.

Keynote segment videos:

00:00 - Network Modernization in a Multi-Cloud World With Consul

21:50 - Consul 1.6 Keynote Announcement

46:50 - Service Discovery at Datadog

55:10 - Nomad 0.10 Announcement & Features


  • Armon Dadgar
    Armon DadgarCo-founder & CTO, HashiCorp
  • Mitchell Hashimoto
    Mitchell HashimotoCo-founder, HashiCorp
  • Laurent Bernaille
    Laurent BernailleStaff Engineer, Datadog

When you look at the IT infrastructure of any major enterprise, it's like looking at tree rings. In the center, you'll find mainframes. Around that, you'll find bare metal. Around that, there are virtual machines. And on the most recent layers, you'll find containers and serverless.

How have companies been able to maintain all of these dissonant technologies throughout the decades, making them all work in harmony? The key has been the network. It's the common denominator that has allowed these different technologies to interoperate.

With the growth of service-based architectures and hybrid cloud infrastructure in modern datacenters, networking has gotten a lot tougher, and the strains on the network have increased exponentially. In the opening keynote of HashiConf EU 2019, HashiCorp co-founders Mitchell Hashimoto and Armon Dadgar will discuss how their open source creation, HashiCorp Consul, has been built to meet the changing needs of a modern network.

Consul solves the challenges around service networking by providing service discovery and service mesh capabilities. In this keynote, Mitchell Hashimoto will introduce several new features in the 1.6 release of Consul. These features include additional L7 observability and the new Mesh Gateways feature, which enables full end-to-end encryption and routing across heterogeneous datacenters. Consul 1.6 will also open source intention and certificate authority replication features that were previously only available in Consul Enterprise.

The keynote also features special guest Laurent Bernaille, an engineer at Datadog, who will talk about his company's usage of Consul. Finally, Mitchell concludes the keynote by introducing a few new features for HashiCorp Nomad.

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