HashiConf Global 2021 Opening Keynote

Get the latest updates on HashiCorp Boundary, Waypoint, and HCP Packer in this HashiConf Global 2021 opening keynote.

Both HashiCorp and Microsoft agree that the old paradigm of castle-and-moat security that relies on firewalls and VPNs is no longer enough for today’s hybrid and multi-cloud environments. In further continuation of our joint zero trust security vision, Microsoft and HashiCorp have announced that they will be working closely together on deeper integration between Boundary and Azure Active Directory, with Boundary currently available in the Azure app gallery.

Hear more about this news along with updates on HashiCorp Waypoint and the HashiCorp Cloud Platform. Join HashiCorp CEO Dave McJannet, Co-Founders Mitchell Hashimoto and Armon Dadgar, along with Susan Bohn, VP of Program Management at Microsoft for the opening keynote of HashiConf Global 2021.


0:00 - 6:52: The State of HashiCorp w/ CEO Dave McJannet

6:53 - 12:39: The Pillars of Zero Trust w/ Co-Founder Armon Dadgar

12:40 - 15:04: Update on HashiCorp Boundary w/ Co-Founder Armon Dadgar

15:05 - 21:13: Announcing a New Microsoft + HashiCorp Collaboration w/ Armon Dadgar and Susan Bohn, VP of Program Management at Microsoft

21:14 - 29:17: The State of HashiCorp Waypoint w/ Co-Founder Mitchell Hashimoto

29:19 -  32:28: Announcing the HCP Packer Public Beta w/ Co-Founder Mitchell Hashimoto

If you want to have a greater impact over the evolution of Boundary as it matures, join the Boundary Insider’s Program today.

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