HashiCorp Cloud Platform Consul - HashiConf Keynote Demo

Watch our demo of the newly announced HashiCorp Cloud Platform's Consul service.


  • Matthew Irish
    Matthew IrishCloud Experiences Engineer, HashiCorp

Today, we unveiled our new flagship cloud offering—the HashiCorp Cloud Platform.

Our vision for HCP has three key components:

  1. Push-button deployment of any HashiCorp product to help teams move applications to the cloud faster.
  2. Fully managed infrastructure to enable a team to focus on building applications instead of managing clusters.
  3. One workflow across all cloud providers to give teams the flexibility to run applications wherever they need to.

HCP provides a suite of managed services for HashiCorp products with built-in workflows to deploy production-ready infrastructure pre-configured according to the latest best practices. Pay-as-you-go pricing lowers the barrier to entry so that smaller teams and organizations can get critical workloads into production quickly.

Upgrades, backups, monitoring, and scaling are handled automatically by the engineering teams that build the core products. Operational issues are resolved quickly since debug and performance related information is readily available to operators and support engineers.

HCP Consul Demo

This talk features a demo of HCP Consul on AWS by HashiCorp Cloud Experience Engineer Matthew Irish.

HCP Consul is our first service available from HCP, and it's now in private beta (available for AWS). As a fully managed service, HCP Consul will be the easiest way to enable secure service networking (service discovery and service mesh) for AWS workloads across EKS, ECS, EC2, and other services, and to connect AWS environments to other cloud environments and to private data centers.

Interested users can request access to the private beta at this page.

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