Case Study

Microservices for Military Applications

Oct 07, 2019

This talk will describe a concept of micro datacenters leveraging Vault and Terraform to rapidly deploy secure tactical cloud environments.

The military has a unique requirement to have critical applications and data persist in a disconnected environment with no access to the cloud. This implies a hybrid-cloud scenario where on-premise can mean anywhere in the world. To seamlessly move applications from fixed datacenters to these edge locations, some challenges need to be addressed.

Chief among these is the modernization of applications to agile microservices. HashiCorp Vault helps to answer a key concern for our military users: How do I build a secure development environment where credentials and keys are an advantage rather than a vulnerability? Terraform provides the infrastructure as code component which simplifies the deployment of webs of microservices by operators who, in many cases, are non-technical users.


  • Herman Leybovich

    Herman Leybovich

    Director of Sales Engineering, Klas Telecom Government

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