Moving to the cloud: A crystal-clear explanation in 90 seconds

HashiCorp co-founder and CTO, Mitchell Hashimoto, gives the shortest possible, clearest possible explanation of the act of moving data-center workloads to a public cloud.


Confused about the move to the cloud? Too many people make it over-complicated, with long, rambling, jargon-filled explanations.

Not this guy.

Mitchell on cloud, in 90 seconds:

It's clear to see the trend: Cloud adoption is in full force. It's what our software does best. Every major company is either undergoing or planning a transition to the cloud. What this is looking like is going from a traditional data center, a self-contained unit, where if you zoom in, you'll see a core infrastructure layer that's providing the physical resources necessary to run applications, and an application layer. Maybe this is virtual machines, maybe it's schedulers that are deploying applications on top of this infrastructure layer. Then surrounding that, a layer of security.

We're moving that into clouds, whether it be private cloud, public cloud, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, whoever it may be. These companies are planning transitions to the cloud. We're here to help with that, because while you do that, a lot of these components remain the same. You still require a core infrastructure layer. You still need resources to run applications. Above that, you still need an application runtime layer. There's still a need for something to coordinate the deploys and operational tasks to actually run applications.

Then in this view of the world, there's no more clear perimeter, network perimeter. Security just has to be a part of all of this. You have to think about security all the way through. Then with the cloud, with multi-cloud, with multi-data center being a default, with all these different things, there's a new challenge, which is connecting, discovering, and communicating across these three layers.

What we try to do as a company, what we try to do with our software is enable you to provision, secure, run, and connect any infrastructure for any application.

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