Networking Chef Habitat Apps with Consul

Nov 18, 2019

Learn how Consul and Habitat can be combined to connect and secure distributed applications.


  • Erik Rygg

    Erik Rygg

    Senior enterprise architect, HashiCorp

HashiCorp Consul is a distributed networking tool to connect, secure, and configure heterogeneous applications. Chef Habitat enables application teams to build, deploy, and run any application in any environment, from traditional datacenters to containerized microservices. In this talk from ChefConf 2019, Erik Rygg, senior enterprise architect at HashiCorp, explores through a demo Consul's relationship with Habitat and how they can be used together to connect and secure distributed applications.

Rygg gives particular attention to how the Consul service mesh can be integrated into Habitat applications, and how they can securely connect to other disparate applications using one of Consul's newer features, Consul Connect. Connect allows disparate applications to utilize TLS to talk to each other securely, as well as provide specific policies as to which applications can talk to each other.

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