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Case Study

Unlocking cloud with GitOps with Terraform and Sentinel at AGL Energy

AGL Energy is Australia’s largest private developer of renewable energy assets. Learn how they use Terraform Enterprise and Sentinel policy as code in a GitOps workflow.


  • Lachlan White
    Lachlan WhiteDevOps Architect, AGL Energy

Many organizations are not pure cloud-native or still totally on-prem ITIL. They're often somewhere in between. Lachlan White, DevOps architect at AGL Energy, created a visualization for what this looks like. Typically it means power struggles over who has authority for what (often stemming from the cross-cutting "DevOps engineer" role) and disorganized communication from shifts in roles and responsibilities. Armon Dadgar illustrates this "contain and drain" migration well in his whiteboard presentation: Balancing Centralized & Federated IT in a DevOps Transformation.

What if there was a better way...

At AGL Energy, Lachlan brought his vision of an operating model to life. His vision included a focus on:

  • GitOps: A deployment and infrastructure as code (IaC) process that treats Git version control as the central source of truth.

  • InnerSource: Running internal development and operations the same way you would run an open source project and community.

  • Re-usable, collaborative IaC: Using Terraform modules to scale expertise and keep control of reusable components in the hands of specialized teams.

  • Policy as code: Using the Sentinel policy as code framework in HashiCorp products to automate compliance checks, allowing for quick feedback rather than weeks-long ticket-based reviews.

Watch this VirtualDays APAC session to understand the details of AGL Energy's migration to a cloud operating model and see how they used HashiCorp's Terraform Enterprise to achieve its goals and a host of benefits.

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