Announcing 11 Verified Providers for Terraform

With official, verified, and community providers now available in the Terraform Registry, we wanted to share 11 verified integrations that have been big additions.

Since adding providers to the Terraform Registry in August, we’ve been blown away by the influx of powerful new integrations being shared by our partners and the wider community. At the time of writing, over 350 providers and 4,000 modules have been published, and are now directly available to all Terraform users, with a simple `terraform init`

Introducing New Verified Providers

As the practice of Infrastructure as Code expands into new solution spaces, Terraform users rely more and more on the integrations they use being robust and well-supported. A growing portion of the providers available to our users are verified, a tier indicating that the integration is owned and maintained by a HashiCorp Technology Partner, and that the vendor has gone through our partner onboarding process. The experience Terraform offers would not be possible without this growing set of providers and the partnerships behind them.

We’re excited to welcome 11 new verified integrations to our ecosystem, each now available to all Terraform users:


Splunk just announced their brand new Terraform provider, allowing users to create resources within Splunk Enterprise such as users and roles, indexes, data inputs and outputs, conf files, app installs. It also allows users to perform state management, import and update existing resources, version (using Git or other SCM tools) code, and port configuration easier.

Additionally, Splunk’s VictorOps team also introduced a new provider designed to allow VictorOps customers to create teams, users, escalation policies, and routing keys, all using Terraform.


JFrog Artifactory supports end-to-end binary management and works a variety of with different software package management systems, providing consistency to CI/CD workflows.


Sematext Cloud offers an application performance monitoring solution with logs, metrics, and real user monitoring logging in one place. Together with their new Terraform integration, users can now easily provision Sematext Cloud across a wide range of resources.


Cloudsmith offers a package management SaaS solution, and can now be easily provisioned and managed directly through Terraform.


OneLogin provides a cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) solution that offers simple single sign-on (SSO), making it easier for companies to secure and manage access to web applications both in the cloud and behind the firewall.


Amixr is a Developer-friendly incident management platform, helping DevOps and SRE teams optimize channels, recipients, and content in order to increase the speed of solving IT problems.


Netapp-gcp integrates the NetApp Cloud Volumes Service (CVS) for Google Cloud with Terraform. The Provider can be used with Terraform to work with Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud resources.


phoenixNAP, an IT service and hosting provider, recently introduced their provider for creating server resources.


Rancher Kubernetes Engine, an extremely simple, lightning-fast Kubernetes installer is now even easier to provision and maintain, thanks to the recently-published Terraform provider.


StrongDM lets you use any SSO to manage access to everything. strongDM delivers total visibility into every query, ssh command & RDP session without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.


Transloadit, a file processing service, introduced the Transloadit Terraform Provider which lets you launch Transloadit recipes (Templates) with Terraform. With it, users can orchestrate media processing pipelines declaratively from a single place, and make sure it works well in conjunction with other infrastructure.

Sharing Modules and Providers, Made Easy

In case you missed it, the latest release of Terraform introduces a new `provider source` attribute, allowing Terraform to install all providers from the Terraform Registry, including those from the community, automatically. To complement this, we’ve worked hard to make sharing providers and modules easy as well, and the outcome is a rapidly growing segment of community-shared providers, spanning across a wide and growing range of solution categories.

Terraform provider and module categories

We encourage you to take a look at all of the available Terraform integrations by visiting, and can’t wait to see what other new integrations get shared by our community!

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