Announcing Terraform 0.12 Beta 1

We’d like to invite the community to try the first Terraform 0.12 Beta release. This release includes major Terraform language improvements and a tool for automatically upgrading most aspects of your existing configuration to work with 0.12.

To get started, we recommend you download the release tagged terraform_0.12.0-beta1. From here you can review the HCL language changes and write a new configuration, or take an existing configuration and try the terraform 0.12upgrade command. Then dive into a plan and see what the diff looks like.

Some things to note:

  1. Please note that this is a pre-release build and so it may still contain bugs. Please do not use it against your production infrastructure.

  2. The configuration upgrade tool covers a number of common cases we've found during testing, but may not cover all cases. Please let us know if you find any situations it doesn't handle, with as much detail as possible.

  3. Provider releases for v0.12 compatibility are ongoing, so when using terraform init you will find some providers that are not yet compatible. If the init command tells you the provider isn’t supported yet, you can try installing the provided development snapshots as third-party providers. These may have some bugs while the team works hard to update them. Provider support will improve in future beta releases. When a provider is officially supported it will be available via terraform init.

We’re extremely keen to hear your feedback. If you run into an issue, please file a new Bug Report in GitHub. Please check the 0.12 milestone before filing to see if your issue has already been reported.

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