Announcing the 2022 HashiCorp Technology Partner Award Winners

The 2022 HashiCorp Technology Partner Awards have been announced. Find out who the winners are in our four categories this year.

At HashiCorp Partner Summit in Los Angeles today, we announced the winners of the 2022 HashiCorp Technology Partner Awards.

The Technology Partner Awards celebrate HashiCorp technology partners who have expanded ecosystem solutions for customers through new integrations, co-engineered solutions, and participated in joint marketing initiatives. Our ecosystem partners are foundational to the success of HashiCorp, and we are thrilled to recognize their extensive contributions.

»The 2022 Technology Partner Award Winners

Partner awards 2022

»2022 Technology Partner of the Year: Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks, a leading multi-cloud security provider, earned its Technology Partner of the Year award for the company’s eager, proactive collaboration on new integrations and new co-marketing initiatives, as well as Zero Trust Virtual Series participation and leaning in to meet customers needs.

»2022 Integration Partner of the Year: Traefik Labs

Traefik Labs, a leading cloud-native networking stack, built multiple integrations this year for HCP Consul, HCP Vault, and HashiCorp Nomad. With the largest number of cross-product integrations over the past 12 months, Traefik earns the Integration Partner of the Year.

»2022 Collaboration Partner of the Year: Snyk

The Collaboration Partner of the Year Award highlights the technology partner who has most proactively engaged with HashiCorp for joint engineering and joint marketing opportunities. We are pleased to announce Snyk, a software security firm specializing in cloud computing, as the winner for this year. Snyk prioritized extensive collaboration, proactive inclusion in its Happy Hour events, partner-hosted webinars, multiple blog posts, AWS workshops, and regional events in Europe and Asia.

»2022 Emerging Partner of the Year: Sophos

Highlighting a new partner that has worked with HashiCorp for less than a year but already set a high bar with cross-product integrations and collaborative customer outreach, the Emerging Partner of the Year award goes to Sophos, a leader in cloud and AI-enabled cybersecurity. Since joining HashiCorp’s partner program, Sophos has delivered integrations for HCP Consul, HCP Vault, and Terraform Cloud, and worked collaboratively on new solutions.

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Congratulations to all of the award winners and thanks to our entire partner ecosystem for supporting our global customers.

To learn more or become a partner, visit the HashiCorp Partner Network page.

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