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Auth0, Fortinet, and Vercel Among New Verified Terraform Providers

With the addition of 18 new verified providers to the growing HashiCorp Terraform ecosystem we hit a milestone with 200 verified Terraform providers.

The growth of our HashiCorp Terraform provider ecosystem continues to accelerate. We just hit a huge milestone by welcoming our 200th verified Terraform provider, giving practitioners the ability to automate the use of an even wider set of tools throughout their infrastructure deployments.

»Welcoming New Verified Providers

We welcomed 18 new verified Terraform providers in the quarter ended April 30, and all of these providers have gone through our partner-onboarding process and earned the “verified” tag that ensures that the source is legitimate.

May 2022 new verified HashiCorp Terraform providers

Here is a short description of each new provider — in alphabetical order — with links to explore further details or download them directly from the registry:

»Arista CloudVision

Arista CloudVision is a solution for network-wide workload orchestration and workflow automation. It was specifically designed to complement SDN (virtualization) controller solutions that orchestrate virtual network overlays, by focusing on workflow visibility, automation tasks, and initial or ongoing network provisioning across the underlying physical network. The CloudVision Terraform provider is used to manage resources on the CloudVision portal including Arista EOS devices, configlets, and containers.


The Auth0 Identity Platform, now part of Okta, takes a modern approach to identity and enables organizations to provide secure access to any application, for any user. The Auth0 Terraform provider can be used to create and manage clients, resource servers, client grants, connections, email providers and templates, rules and rule variables, users, roles, tenants, and custom domains.


Cisco Systems, Inc. provides networking hardware, software, and support services worldwide. Terraform provider IOS XE is a Terraform plugin that will be used to manage the IOS XE constructs on the Cisco IOS XE platform while leveraging the advantages of Terraform. The IOS XE Terraform provider lets users manage the IOS XE features in a more flexible, consistent, and reliable way. Specifically, it allows users to represent the infrastructure as a code and provides a way to enforce the state on the infrastructure managed by the Terraform provider.


Clumio provides secure, scalable backup as a service that simplifies data protection in AWS. The Clumio Terraform provider helps users automate their AWS data protection strategy by connecting AWS accounts to the Clumio service, creating backup policies, protection rules, and managing user access.


The Delphix DevOps Data Platform solves modern challenges of test data management (TDM). The new Terraform provider for Delphix allows users to natively call APIs through a central control point to automate multi-generational test data alongside infrastructure as code. This data-as-code approach lets you automatically provision, manage, and teardown any number of ephemeral data environments, providing fresh, complete, and compliant datasets to drive high-quality, accelerated application releases.


DevCycle helps development teams safely and simply manage new feature releases with feature flags.. The DevCycle Terraform provider allows users to manage DevCycle projects, features, variables, variations, and environments. It also provides the ability to evaluate variables as a user and feature flags.


FireHydrant gives teams the tools to maintain service catalogs, respond to incidents, communicate through status pages, and learn with retrospectives. FireHydrant Terraform Provider allows users to create and manage resources on your FireHydrant organization, such as incident runbooks, services, teams, and more.


Fortinet secures enterprise, service provider, and government organizations around the world. The FortiAnalyzer provider is used to interact with the resources supported by FortiAnalyzer.


Harness is a self-service CI/CD platform that allows engineers and DevOps to build, test, deploy, and verify software, on-demand. The Terraform provider for Harness allows users to manage resources including applications, cloud provider connectors, platform connectors, secrets, services and more.


Kion, formerly known ad, offers cloud management and cloud governance withautomation/orchestration, financial management and continuous compliance. The Terraform Provider for Kion allows users to interact with the Kion API to manage IAM roles and policies, projects, rules, and compliance resources.

»Lumin Technologies

Lumin Technologies offers a digital banking for platform for financial institutions. The Lumen Terraform provider enables users to manage Lumen bare metal resources for deploying at the edge.


Netris enables customers to operate their physical/private networks like a cloud. The Netris Terraform provider is used to interact with the resources supported by Netris, such as the Netris-Controller.


Neustar Security Services (NSS) is a global provider of cloud-delivered security services. The UltraDNS provider for Terraform lets practitioners manage DNS resources in the UltraDNS managed services.

»NTT Communications

NTT Communications Enterprise Cloud offers a global, virtualized private datacenters in nine locations across the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, and the US The Terraform provider for Flexible InterConnect is used to interact with the many resources supported by Flexible InterConnect.


Rockset is a real-time analytics database service for serving low latency, high concurrency, analytical queries at scale. It builds a Converged Index on structured and semi-structured data from OLTP databases, streams, and lakes in real-time and exposes a RESTful SQL interface. The Rockset Terraform Provider is used to provision and configure all your Rockset resources and is the recommended way to manage production deployments.


Site24x7 offers unified cloud monitoring for DevOps and IT operations with monitoring capabilities and assists DevOps teams to monitor and troubleshoot applications, servers, and network infrastructure including private and public clouds. The Site24x7 Terraform provider enables users to manage Site24x7 resources used for setting monitoring parameters.


StackBill from AssistanZ is a complete, platform-agnostic cloud management portal that includes billing and chargeback solutions, cloud infrastructure services, monitoring, and more. The StackBill Terraform provider allows practitioners to interact with StackBill instance, network, and volume resources.


Vercel is a platform for frontend frameworks and static sites. The Terraform Provider for Vercel aligns the configuration of frontend deployment with multi-cloud backend infrastructure, creating a faster way for teams to preview, test, and ship applications as a part of their Terraform workflow.

»Verify Your Provider

Interested in making it easier to provision and manage infrastructure as code? Visit and check out all of the available Terraform integrations. To verify an existing provider, check out our Terraform Integration Program.

We also invite you to try the free tier of Terraform Cloud to help simplify your Terraform workflows and management.

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