New Terraform Tutorial: Automate Terraform Cloud Workflows

Learn how to leverage the Terraform Enterprise (TFE) provider to automate your Terraform Cloud workflows

The TFE Terraform provider can codify your Terraform Cloud workspaces, teams, and processes. In our new Automate Terraform Cloud Workflow tutorial, you will use the TFE provider to automate the following:

  1. Deploy three version-control backed workspaces in Terraform Cloud.
  2. Create three Terraform teams to manage the workspaces.
  3. Configure run triggers for each workspace to automate the provisioning process.

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Get hands-on experience with the TFE provider by triggering the deployment of a Consul-backed Vault cluster on Kubernetes.

This new tutorial will guide you through automating the demo described in the Deploy Consul and Vault on Kubernetes with Run Triggers tutorial. In the process, you will also gain experience using team-scoped permissions to run each workspace.

Diagram showing deployment of Consul and Vault on Kubernetes to Google Cloud.

By the end of this tutorial, you will understand how to use the TFE provider to codify your Terraform Cloud workspaces, teams, and processes. This can enable your team to automate your workflows and manage your Terraform Cloud permissions in a safe, reliable manner.

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