New Terraform Tutorials: Automate Terraform Workflows with CircleCI or GitHub Actions

We have updated our tutorials on integrating Terraform with CircleCI and GitHub Actions.

Continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) platforms like CircleCI and GitHub Actions automate pipelines for new software releases. Infrastructure management, typically handled by operations teams, can also fit into an automated release workflow through infrastructure as code tools like Terraform.

To help you get started with CI/CD automation, we have updated our tutorials on automating Terraform.

  1. The updated Deploy Terraform infrastructure with CircleCI tutorial guides you through automating the standard Terraform workflow using AWS S3 as a backend. This approach uses the hashicorp/terraform:light Docker image to run Terraform locally in each CircleCI job.
  2. The new Automate Terraform with GitHub Actions tutorial automates the standard Terraform Cloud workflow. While Terraform Cloud offers version control system integrations, including GitHub, this approach enables you to add status checks before or after Terraform Cloud remote runs are triggered.

We hope you'll find these hands-on tutorials educational and helpful. Please do not forget to leave feedback on the form at the bottom of the tutorial and discover even more at HashiCorp Learn.

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