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Deprecating Terraform 0.11 Support in Terraform Providers

During the upcoming months, we will begin deprecating support for Terraform 0.11 in new releases of Terraform providers we officially maintain, beginning with the AWS, AzureRM, Google, and Kubernetes Terraform providers. In order to continue improving the providers and moving them forward alongside Terraform core, we need to deprecate support for older versions of Terraform to take advantage of new functionality in Terraform’s configuration language and the communication layer between Terraform and the providers. Deprecating 0.11 support in providers allows us to deliver new features more quickly and effectively.

»Phases of Deprecation

The deprecation will consist of two phases. In Phase 1, starting today, we’ll begin closing issues on the provider that are reported with only 0.11 versions of Terraform and are not reproducible in TF 0.12 and beyond. In Phase 2, starting later in mid-November and continuing into next year, running terraform init will only download new versions of the provider if you are running TF 0.12.

»Action Items

If you’re unable to upgrade to Terraform 0.12 and are currently using older versions of Terraform, consider pinning the version of the provider that you currently use to guard against any breaking changes.

If you are using pinned versions of the provider, nothing changes for you. We won’t be making modifications to any currently released versions of the provider.

If you currently use Terraform 0.12, everything will continue to work as it does for you today. For more information about upgrading to TF 0.12, consult this guide.


If you encounter issues before, during, or after the deprecation of Terraform 0.11 support, please open an issue on your preferred provider repository: AWS, AzureRM, Google, Kubernetes, etc. If you are a current HashiCorp customer, we recommend that you also reach out to

As we roll out the second phase of the deprecation effort, we will update the blog and the changelog of each provider with any announcements or changes. We look forward to bringing you the features that you are waiting for in the Terraform providers.

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