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HashiConf 2015 Wrap Up

On behalf of the entire HashiCorp team, I want to say thank you for an amazing HashiConf 2015. This blog post details some of the key highlights including the post-conference survey results.

It has been a week since HashiConf 2015 first began, but we are already hard at work planning for 2016! We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback, and we are very excited to share them with you today. But first, some housekeeping notes.

All talks and keynotes were recorded. Our production company is editing the videos this week and we will make them publicly available soon. We announced exciting new updates to Consul and Vault. We also launched two new open-source projects, Nomad and Otto. We have written about many of these exciting updates already: Vault 0.3 release, Nomad announcement, and the Otto announcement.

We had an amazing showing with over 300 attendees, speakers, and sponsors joining us at the Gerding Theater on September 28, 2015. Thank you to all our speakers and sponsors for helping to make this event a reality.

Select results from the post-conference survey are published in the charts below. We are very excited to share the results.

The following charts are interactive and may take a moment to load on slow connections.

HashiConf 2015 was a global conference. We had speakers and attendees from many countries around the world; some attendees reported 48 hours of travel time! Our furthest attendees traveled from Japan, Estonia, and India!

The majority of HashiConf 2015 attendees who completed the survey were between 31 and 40 years of age. The full breakdown is below.

The survey results indicated that most attendees were pleased with the food. No one rated the food less than a 3 on a 5-point scale.

Similarly, more than 80% of attendees rated the talks and speakers a 4 or a 5. No talks were rated less than a 2 and only 2.3% of talks were rated less than a 3.

We asked attendees how they would rate the overall atmosphere of the conference. Almost 90% of attendees rated the atmosphere a 4 or 5, and no one rated less than a 3 on the 5-point scale.

Of everyone who completed the survey, 94% said they would attend HashiConf 2016 if they could.

We would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who helped make HashiConf 2015 a reality. We are very excited for next year!

Please note that the previous data displays a selection bias of people who completed the survey. We did not collect demographic data during the ticketing process. There were over 300 attendees at the conference and only about 30% of the attendees completed the post-conference survey.

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