HashiCorp Ambassador Call for Submissions 2022

We are once again calling for nominations and applications to the HashiCorp Ambassadors program.

In the third year of the HashiCorp Ambassadors program, we are grateful to have welcomed community members who embody the spirit of open source’s three key elements: knowledge sharing, kindness, and mentorship. We believe that an open source project’s strength consists of both code quality and the welcoming community and ecosystem built around it.

»What Is a HashiCorp Ambassador?

HashiCorp Ambassadors are a group of people committed to the spirit of open source. They actively share knowledge about HashiCorp tools through content creation, local events, and productive, thoughtful feedback, while advocating for and adhering to the HashiCorp Principles. (Check out details of the program at https://hashicorp.com/ambassadors.)

We are proud of the fact that participants in this program share knowledge openly and broadly, benefiting our community by making our tools more accessible.

In my opinion a good #IT career is not based on what you know, but how you share it. I share everything that I know and my progression have been mind-blowing. Sharing is, in fact, caring.

»Apply or Nominate Someone to be a HashiCorp Ambassador

Have you, or someone you know, created content or organized (virtual) events around HashiCorp tools? Has someone been particularly helpful in your learning or insightful with their feedback?

We are now accepting HashiCorp Ambassador nominations and applications from community members who have been active in 2021 to recognize them for efforts in sharing knowledge around HashiCorp tools. This work makes our community more vibrant and collaborative, and supports the health of the broader ecosystem.

Please reflect over the past year and consider those who have helped you on your journey with our tools and how they engaged with you. Please share those stories by submitting a nomination or application, including specific examples of how these potential Ambassadors engaged within the community by Monday, January 31, 2022.

There will be a review process in early February, and all submittors and nominees will be notified by email later in the month.

We look forward to your HashiCorp Ambassador submissions! Please reach out to ambassadors@hashicorp.com if you have any questions.

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