HashiCorp and Microsoft Extend Multi-year Collaboration Agreement

HashiCorp is pleased to announce an extension of the multi-year collaboration agreement signed with Microsoft in 2017. The purpose of the initial agreement was to expand the capabilities of the Azure Terraform provider to include more resources and services for Azure users to leverage through Terraform. In the two years since that agreement was signed, Microsoft and HashiCorp have collaborated on a number of new enhancements for customers including:

In addition to the work done on the Terraform provider, Microsoft and HashiCorp announced a series of Vault, Consul, and Packer integrations. Details on these announcements can be seen in this blog by Brendan Burns. HashiCorp was also recently recognized for the achievements made in open-source contributions to Azure by being named the 2019 Partner of the Year for Open Source Infrastructure and Applications on Azure.

The extension of this collaboration agreement signifies a continued commitment by both companies to deliver a great experience while using HashiCorp tools on Azure. Customers can look forward to continued support from Microsoft and a robust Terraform provider built on co-engineering efforts.

We look forward to executing on additional growth and innovation with the Microsoft team.

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