HashiCorp at AWS re:Invent 2020

This blog is a summary of HashiCorp activities at AWS re:Invent 2020.

HashiCorp is a key partner for enterprises adopting AWS and using cloud and multi-cloud architectures, and is a Gold sponsor of this year’s AWS re:Invent. As we have done in past years, HashiCorp plans to announce launch-day support for several new AWS services being unveiled at AWS re:Invent. 

Our products are critical solutions for AWS customers to provision, secure, connect, and run their infrastructure and are broadly adopted across organizations of all sizes. HashiCorp is an Advanced Tier Technology within the Amazon Partner Network. Through our partnership, we have worked closely with AWS on product engineering for several years to deliver a breadth of solutions to our joint customers, and currently have the AWS Containers, Security, and DevOps competencies. 

To access the HashiCorp booth or any of the sessions mentioned in this blog, you will need to register for AWS re:Invent, which is free. 

HashiCorp Booth

At the HashiCorp virtual re:Invent booth, our team of experts will be available to explain and demonstrate how each of our products integrates with AWS services and can help facilitate application deployments and infrastructure in the cloud. At the booth, there are opportunities for 1:1 chats and we have a virtual demo room for product deep dives. Attendees can access HashiCorp’s virtual booth by going here (once registered for the event).  

AWS re:Invent Session 

Delivering Infrastructure Automation through Consistent Workflows

Thursday, December 17 @ 8:45 a.m. PST

Join Cody De Arkland for a session on how HashiCorp and AWS have teamed up to help cloud engineers and developers enable infrastructure as code by getting ahead of the challenges with multi-infrastructure provisioning, security, and governance; create innovative approaches to developing, deploying, running, and securing applications needed for a hybrid cloud world; and establish the right balance between policy as code and people as policy. More info on the broadcast 

HashiCorp Offerings for AWS

In June 2020, HashiCorp introduced the HashiCorp Cloud Platform (HCP), a fully managed platform offering the HashiCorp products as a service to automate infrastructure on any cloud. HCP is designed to provide flexibility for multi-cloud environments with a consistent workflow and unified set of APIs for all HashiCorp products across all cloud providers. The first offerings for the platform are HCP Consul on AWS, which is currently in public beta, and HCP Vault on AWS, which is currently in private beta. Learn more about HCP and get started today. Anyone who signs up for HCP during AWS re:Invent will be entered into our raffle for Apple AirPods. 

HashiCorp holds the DevOps, Security, and AWS Containers Competencies, which certify both technical proficiency and proven customer success. AWS and HashiCorp have collaborated on Quick Start Guides for Consul, Nomad, and Vault, which are available via the AWS Quick Start Library.

HashiCorp proudly partners with AWS service teams, and we are pleased to offer launch day support for new AWS releases announced at re:Invent, including: 

HashiCorp & AWS: Customer Stories

HashiCorp is a key partner for many enterprises that are using or migrating to AWS. Whether organizations become fully cloud-native, or maintain a multi-cloud infrastructure with cloud and on-premises resources, HashiCorp products will support those heterogeneous environments. Here are a few examples of joint HashiCorp AWS customers how they are using our solutions:

  • Eventbrite: Terraform Landing Zones for Self-Service Multi-AWS at Eventbrite: Eventbrite used AWS Terraform Landing Zone and Terraform Enterprise to transform their infrastructure from a single monolithic AWS account to a self-service account vending machine to streamline their AWS multi-account strategy. Learn more here.
  • Criteo: HashiCorp Consul, a service networking automation tool, forms the backbone of Criteo’s entire operation, along with HashiCorp Vault for database secrets management and Terraform for deploying AWS resources for newly acquired cloud services. Learn more here.

Hope to See You There

HashiCorp products are critical solutions for AWS customers to provision, secure, connect, and run their infrastructure, and are broadly adopted across organizations of all sizes. Please check in with our virtual booth to learn more about using HashiCorp products with AWS services. 

To learn more about our activities at AWS re:Invent, please visit our HashiCorp re:Invent overview page.

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