HashiCorp extends security use cases with new Vault integrations including Oracle, Veeam, and Venafi

New HashiCorp Vault ecosystem integrations extend security use cases for customers.

HashiCorp’s approach to identity-based security provides a solid foundation for companies to safely migrate and secure infrastructure, applications, and data as they move to multi-cloud. These new Vault partner integrations extend the HashiCorp ecosystem into new security use cases for customers.

»EnterpriseDB Corporation

EnterpriseDB provides secure, scalable database management software, enterprise-class Postgres solutions, and a wide range of services. The new EDB Vault integration enables Vault as an external key management server using the OASIS Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) to provide encryption keys used by EnterpriseDB’s new full-disk encryption (FDE), which has been added to its Advanced Server product.


Oracle provides cloud-engineering services and systems along with database-management systems globally. The new Oracle plugin on HCP Vault on AWS enables HCP Vault to manage credentials for Oracle database instances via the Oracle database secrets engine. HCP Vault connects to Oracle databases to generate dynamic credentials and manage the passwords for long-lived static database user accounts.


Phosphorous Cybersecurity, an xIoT breach prevention platform for the extended internet of things, has completed its integration with Vault. The Unified xIoT Security Management Platform can now connect to customer-managed Vault instances for the storage of customers’ IoT devices credentials, reducing credential sprawl and adding an additional layer of control for all of their secrets.

»Rocket Software

Rocket Software provides IT modernization and IT automation solutions that help businesses solve their most complex IT challenges across their infrastructure stack. Rocket has developed a Vault integration with both its Enterprise Orchestrator and Zena offerings to retrieve secrets from a customer-managed Vault for use in Rocket Software's workload automation and DevOps orchestration tools.


Veeam ensures data resiliency for businesses through secure data backup, fast and reliable recovery, and data protection solutions for the hybrid cloud. Veeam K10 supports encryption for data and metadata stored in an object store or an NFS file store (e.g. for cross-cloud snapshot migration) via the use of the AES-256-GCM encryption algorithm. HashiCorp Vault Transit secrets engine can also be used to protect the encryption key used by K10 to encrypt application data.


Venafi helps global enterprises take charge of their machine identities, both on premises and in the cloud, with centralized, controlled management. The Venafi PKI secrets engine has now been enabled in HCP Vault, allowing HCP Vault to communicate with Venafi’s Trust Protection platform for the issuance of PKI certificates. See the HCP Vault documentation for more information on how to enable the plugin in your cluster.


YugabyteDB is a 100% open source, cloud-native database for mission-critical applications that runs in any public or hybrid cloud. Yugabyte DB Vault secrets engine provides dynamic credential creation and static credential rotation for YugabyteDB database users. The secrets engine takes advantage of the YugabyteDB Go driver to enable the use of the YugabyteDB PGX Smart Driver when connecting to the database for additional connection load balancing support, providing a high tolerance towards failures when Vault interacts with the database.

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