HashiTalks 2019

HashiTalks 2019

Mar 18, 2019 | Katie Reese

At HashiCorp, we are always looking for new ways to engage our community, more importantly, finding new avenues to showcase how our community uses our products. We're pleased to announce the first ever all-day virtual event called HashiTalks.

What is HashiTalks?

HashiTalks is a virtual HashiCorp User Group (HUG) event that follows the sun, and is coordinated and emceed by the HashiCorp Community team. Based on the success of the first event, we plan to host this event on an annual basis.

We hosted our first HashiTalks this past February and are pleased to say it was a success. This was our pilot run of an entirely virtual event and it was well received by the community at large.

The call for papers was open to the community at large and we had many amazing submissions for talks aimed to showcase new and interesting use cases for HashiCorp tools. The process of narrowing it down to 48 speakers with 30 minutes each was tough.

Knowledge Sharing

If HUGs are the cornerstone of the HashiCorp community, knowledge sharing is the cornerstone of HUGs. It is the speaker’s commitment to sharing their projects, ideas, and best practices that made HashiTalks a success.

HashiTalks featured a diverse range of topics and recordings of the sessions are available alongside talks from previous HashiConfs and Webinars on HashiCorp’s resources page.

Many of the speakers have gone on to submit to HashiConf EU CFP and HashiConf CFP.

What’s next?

We are planning to host another HashiTalks next year, but the date has not been announced yet. Keep up with HashiCorp on Twitter and the hashtag #HashiTalks to be sure not to miss the next call for papers.

We continue to grow our HUG community, both with online events like HashiTalks and offline events like meetups and conferences.

Take a look at our HUG network and get involved.

Interested in starting your own HUG chapter? Reach out to hugs@hashicorp.com.

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