HashiTalks 2024: 24-hours of virtual knowledge sharing

HashiTalks returns on February 15, 2024. Join our global community for 24 hours of knowledge sharing. The call for proposals is open through November 30, 2023.

Our 24-hour virtual knowledge sharing event, HashiTalks, returns on Thursday, February 15, 2024, and the call for proposals is now open. Join us as experts from the community share how they use HashiCorp tools to codify their infrastructure, secure their data, and deploy their applications both on-premises and to the cloud.

»What is HashiTalks?

HashiTalks is an annual HashiCorp User Group virtual event that follows the sun around the world. It is produced and facilitated by the HashiCorp Community team. We hosted our first HashiTalks in February 2019 as a 24-hour event and since then we have watched community engagement in the event grow across the globe. Attending HashiTalks is an excellent way to engage with our community, learning from international speakers presenting in their local time zones. Viewers have the opportunity to engage live in chat and interact with key community leaders who participate as emcees throughout the event.

The 24-hour HashiTalks event will be held in English with the support of American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters. We also hold several regional events throughout the year in local languages. In 2023 we produced HashiTalks in 10 geographic regions and 8 languages. In addition to our annual 24-hour event and the regional events, we also produced three themed events specifically for builders within our ecosystem, security engineers, and application developers.

For 2024 we’re looking to expand the accessibility of HashiCorp video content by adding new regions and languages, as well as bringing back a previous regional edition. We also plan to freshen up our themed events. We look forward to sharing more details with the community as we finalize our plans.

»Submit to the call for proposals

The HashiTalks call for proposals (CFP) is open to the community. We are looking for 30-minute talks highlighting unique use cases, technical presentations, culture talks, and demos featuring HashiCorp community edition, cloud, and enterprise tooling. HashiTalks is an excellent platform for first-time speakers, as we offer extensive support and coaching. Bring your story about how you use one or more of our tools and we will help you share it. The CFP is scheduled to close November 30, 2023.

If you’re looking for a subject to address, these topic ideas are of special interest:

  • Cloud migration stories
  • Security stories
  • Unit testing infrastructure and deployments
  • Container management integration with HashiCorp Waypoint
  • Navigating multi-cloud challenges and solutions
  • Mixed network topologies
  • Service networking
  • Application deployments
  • Unconventional uses of the HashiCorp toolset
  • Organizational impacts of DevOps and infrastructure as code
  • How remote work changed in 2023 — tips and tricks for 2024

»Empowering new speakers

HashiTalks are concise, 30-minute speaking slots presented from the comfort of the speaker’s self-selected “stage.” Speakers livestream into the event to give talks from their home offices or living rooms. HashiTalks are intended to be a safe space, and HashiCorp’s community guidelines and principles help ensure that all participants are welcome.

Everyone who makes an effort to submit to the HashiTalks CFP is encouraged to join us for a series of speaker-enablement sessions with industry leader and QCon conference chair Wesley Reisz. We aim to consistently empower anyone who has expressed interest in giving talks by providing opportunities to learn and improve their skills.

Talks given at HashiTalks will be recorded and posted as individual videos within a YouTube playlist for self-paced, on-demand viewing and to act as a point of reference for use cases from the community.

Attendees are encouraged to ask questions in real time using YouTube’s chat feature while talks are in progress. Speakers are encouraged to hang out after their talks to answer questions, gather feedback, and interact.

»Join us in February, 2024

Register for HashiTalks to stay up to date on the schedule of speakers and be eligible to win giveaways as we approach the day of the livestream. Of course, everyone is free to join the day of, sans registration. If you have an idea for a talk you would like to share, be sure to submit your idea to the CFP by Thursday, November 30, 2023!

Busy on the day of HashiTalks? You can join more than 50,000 HashiCorp users through our HUG program, get involved with your local chapter, and review HashiTalks 2024 when all of the talks are posted to YouTube. If you are interested in starting your own HUG chapter or would like an introduction to your local organizers, reach out to us: hugs@hashicorp.com.

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