HashiCorp Extends Microsoft Collaboration to Help Terraform Users Adopt Azure

We are excited to announce a multi-year collaboration with Microsoft to deepen the support for the provisioning of resources on Microsoft Azure using HashiCorp Terraform. Microsoft Azure is seeing tremendous growth in Global 2000 organizations as they adopt cloud infrastructure. HashiCorp’s customers use Terraform across a wide variety of cloud and on-premises infrastructures. Through this collaboration, Terraform customers will be able to utilize their provisioning tool of choice much more easily on the world-class Azure infrastructure.

This expansion of the HashiCorp work with Microsoft will broaden the number of Microsoft Azure services that can be provisioned with Terraform. This will allow Terraform users to adopt a consistent workflow across Azure, on-premises environments, and other cloud environments as well. The on-going Microsoft collaboration will focus on the enhancement of the existing Terraform Provider for Microsoft Azure using the Azure Resource Manager (ARM) API. Support will first be built for the Azure data centers in North America, and extended out to support data centers in other geographies over time.

We believe our work together will have a big impact simplifying and accelerating the cloud adoption process for Microsoft customers. Please refer to the Microsoft article Install and configure Terraform to provision VMs and other infrastructure into Azure for more details on how to get started. Corey Sanders, head of product for Azure Compute at Microsoft, has additional perspective on the impact of the HashiCorp-Microsoft collaboration on his blog.

We at HashiCorp look forward to continuing our work together with Microsoft.

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