New Terraform integrations with Wiz, Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, Couchbase, VMware, and more

17 new Terraform integrations from 14 partners provide more options to automate and secure cloud infrastructure management.

The HashiCorp Terraform ecosystem continues to expand with new integrations that provide additional capabilities to Terraform Cloud, Enterprise, and Community edition users as they provision and manage their cloud and on-premises infrastructure. Terraform is the world’s most widely used multi-cloud provisioning product. Whether you're deploying to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, other cloud and SaaS offerings, or an on-premises datacenter, Terraform can be your single control plane, using infrastructure as code for infrastructure automation to provision and manage your entire infrastructure.

Terraform integrations

»Terraform Cloud run tasks

Run tasks allow platform teams to easily extend the Terraform Cloud run lifecycle with additional capabilities offered by services from partners.


Wiz, makers of agentless cloud security and compliance for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Kubernetes, launched a new integration with Terraform run tasks that ensures only secure infrastructure is deployed. Acting as a guardrail, it prevents insecure deployments by scanning using predefined security policies, helping to reduce the organization's overall risk exposure.

»Terraform providers

We’ve also approved 17 new verified Terraform providers from 13 different partners:


AccuKnox, maker of a zero trust CNAPP (Cloud Native Application Protection) platform, has released the AccuKnox provider for Terraform, which allows for managing KubeArmor resources on Kubernetes clusters or host environments.


Chainguard, which offers Chainguard Images, a collection of secure minimal container images, released two Terraform providers: the Chainguard Terraform provider to manage Chainguard resources (IAM groups, identities, image repos, etc.) via Terraform, and the imagetest provider for authoring and executing tests using Terraform primitives, designed to work in conjunction with the Chainguard Images project.

»Cisco Systems

Cisco delivers software-defined networking, cloud, and security solutions to help transform your business. Cisco DevNet has released two new providers for the Cisco Multicloud Defense and Cisco Secure Workload products: The Multicloud Defense provider is used to create and manage Multicloud Defense resources such as service VPCs/VNets, gateways, policy rulesets, address objects, service objects, and others. The Cisco Secure Workload provider can be used to manage the secure workload configuration when setting up workload protection policies for various environments.


Citrix, maker of secure, unified digital workspace technology, developed a custom Terraform provider for automating Citrix product deployments and configurations. Using the Terraform with Citrix provider, users can manage Citrix products via infrastructure as code, giving greater efficiency and consistency on infrastructure management, as well as better reusability on infrastructure configuration.


Couchbase, which manages a distributed NoSQL cloud database, has released the Terraform Couchbase Capella provider to deploy, update, and manage Couchbase Capella infrastructure as code.

»Genesis Cloud

Genesis Cloud offers accelerated cloud GPU computing for machine learning, visual effects rendering, big data analytics, and cognitive computing. The Genesis Cloud Terraform provider is used to interact with resources supported by Genesis Cloud via public API.


Hund offers automated monitoring to provide companies with simplified product transparency, from routine maintenance to critical system failures. The company recently published a new Terraform provider that offers resources/data sources to allow practitioners to manage objects on Hund’s hosted status page platform. Managed objects can include components, groups, issues, templates, and more.


Mondoo creates an index of all cloud, Kubernetes, and on-premises resources to help identify misconfigurations, ensure security, and support auditing and compliance. The company has released a new Mondoo Terraform provider to allow Terraform to manage Mondoo resources.

»Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks is a multi-cloud security company. It has released a new Terraform provider for Strata Cloud Manager (SCM) that focuses on configuring the unified networking security aspect of SCM.

»Ping Identity

Ping Identity delivers identity solutions that enable companies to balance security and personalized, streamlined user experiences. Ping has released two Terraform providers: The PingDirectory Terraform provider is a plugin for Terraform that supports the management of PingDirectory configuration, while the PingFederate Terraform provider is a plugin for Terraform that supports the management of PingFederate configuration.


SquaredUp manages a visualization platform to help enterprises build, run, and optimize complex digital services by surfacing data faster. The company has released a new SquaredUp Terraform provider to help bring a unified visibility across teams and tools for greater insights and observability in your platform.


Traceable is an API security platform that identifies and tests APIs, evaluates API risk posture, stops API attacks, and provides deep analytics for threat hunting and forensic research. The company recently released two integrations: a custom Terraform provider for AWS API Gateways and a Terraform Lambda-based resource provider. These providers allow the deployment of API security tooling to reduce the risk of API security events.


VMware offers a breadth of digital solutions that power apps, services, and experiences for their customers. The NSX-T VPC Terraform provider gives NSX VPC administrators a way to automate NSX's virtual private cloud to provide virtualized networking and security services.

»Learn more about Terraform integrations

All integrations are available for review in the HashiCorp Terraform Registry. To verify an existing integration, please refer to our Terraform Cloud Integration Program.

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