New Terraform Providers: Linode, SkyTap, UCloud, and Hedvig

New Terraform Providers: Linode, SkyTap, UCloud, and Hedvig

Feb 07, 2019 | Peter McCarron

» Terraform Providers

» Linode

Linode is a cloud hosting provider based in Philadelphia. Linode enables organizations to create high performance SSD Linux servers on demand and offers hosting services in nine datacenters across the globe. Terraform users are now able to use Linode Terraform provider to create and manage Linode services as a part of their normal Terraform workflow. To get started using the Terraform Linode provider, please read this guide:

» SkyTap

SkyTap is a Seattle based, cloud provider that offers a number of products which enable organizations to migrate and manage applications in cloud and hybrid-cloud environments. SkyTap’s platform provides a number of services and offers hosting capabilities in seven regions globally. The SkyTap Terraform provider helps users configure the platform and launch templates that have been created within a specific SkyTap account. For more information on the SkyTap Terraform provider, please visit:

» UCloud

UCloud is a Chinese based, cloud provider offering hosting, networking and deployment services worldwide across 29 datacenters. UCloud has been awarded a number of industry standard certifications including ISO9001 and AICPA SOC compliance. The UCloud Terraform provider enables Terraform users to incorporate a number of UCloud services, including UNet and UHost, into their existing workflows. To learn more about the UCloud Terraform provider, please visit:

» Hedvig

Hedvig is a California based software company that offers a platform designed to modernize infrastructure storage capabilities. The Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform enables organizations to move storage away from hardware based solutions into a software-defined platform making tasks like scaling for a cloud-based application easier. The Hedvig Terraform provider lets users access Hedvig’s storage solutions as a part of their Terraform configurations. For more information about the Hedvig Terraform provider, please visit:

For more information about HashiCorp Terraform please visit our product pages.

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