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New Terraform Run Tasks From Check Point, Rapid7, Zscaler and Others

New Terraform Cloud Run Tasks partners provide more options to ensure security and compliance for cloud infrastructure management.

As our HashiCorp Terraform ecosystem continues to expand, we welcome new integrations that provide additional options to Terraform Cloud and Enterprise users as they deploy and manage their cloud infrastructure. Run Tasks integrations help teams validate their infrastructure as code to ensure that it is secure and compliant. During our last quarter, we validated five new Terraform Cloud integrations:

Run tasks late 2022 integrations logos


Blink is a no-code platform that empowers cloud operations teams to more efficiently support developers and customers. It allows teams to centralize the checks, validations, and management of their infrastructure as code workflows using dozens of integrations in a single location. With Terraform Cloud run tasks for Blink, teams can trigger Blink automations with events from Terraform.

»Check Point

Check Point Software is a global cybersecurity solutions provider. The new Terraform Cloud run tasks integration for SpectralOps enables security teams to empower their engineers to monitor, classify, and protect their code and infrastructure. This integration has also been validated to work with Terraform Enterprise.


Rapid7 unites cloud risk management and threat detection to help secure businesses and ensure readiness. The run tasks integration for Rapid7 InsightCloudSec scans and detects infrastructure as code misconfigurations to ensure security and policy compliance. This integration has also been validated to work with Terraform Enterprise.


Tines is a no-code automation platform that limits the time wasted on manual, error-prone tasks. The Terraform Cloud run tasks integration for Tines helps users approve and record infrastructure requests.


Zscaler is a SASE-based cloud security platform that connects users, devices, and applications. The Terraform Cloud run tasks integration for Zscaler Posture Control enables development teams to scan Terraform files for infrastructure changes and compare the output against security policies for public cloud providers and Kubernetes. This integration has also been validated to work with Terraform Enterprise.

With the addition of these integrations to our Terraform Cloud ecosystem, HashiCorp now provides 19 different partner products to help customers build more policy-driven workflows that include code scanning, cost management, and compliance.

»Learn More About Terraform Run Tasks Integrations

To learn more about Terraform Run Tasks, check out our Run Tasks Integration page. Also, run tasks can now be accessed from the HashiCorp Terraform Registry. To verify an existing integration, please refer to our Terraform Cloud Integration Program.

If you haven’t already, try the free tier of Terraform Cloud to help simplify your Terraform workflows and management.

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