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HashiCorp at re:Invent: Terraform & Consul launch-day support for multiple new AWS offerings

HashiCorp is a gold sponsor of AWS re:Invent this year and has announced launch-day support for multiple of the new AWS offerings with HashiCorp Terraform and HashiCorp Consul. Below is an overview of our support for these new services as well as the conference sessions where you can learn more about how customers are using HashiCorp tools.


HashiCorp Terraform continues to be a preferred tool for provisioning and managing infrastructure on AWS. We are pleased to announce launch-day support for the following services, created in collaboration with the AWS engineering team:

»AWS Transit Gateway

AWS Transit Gateway enables users to interconnect VPCs across regions and with on-premises networks. Previously, in order to manage traffic between these networks, VPC-peering needed to be enabled for all the instances that would be communicating. This required users to manually setup a new “peering-connection” between each VPC and each VPN connection within those VPCs. Scaling a process like this can be very difficult. The Transit Gateway instead allows users to connect their VPCs and Site-to-Site VPNs to a single gateway making it easier for networking and InfoSec teams to manage and monitor network connectivity across their organization. These gateways can also be paired across AWS regions, allowing users to connect their VPCs and on-premise networks worldwide. Terraform can be used to provision and manage Transit Gateways through the Terraform AWS Provider.

For more information about the AWS EC2 Transit Gateway, please refer to the Terraform AWS provider docs.


AWS Datasync is a service that provides users with the ability to automate the transfer of data between on-premises storage and AWS-based storage services like Amazon S3 or Amazon Elastic File System (EFS). Datasync consists of four primary components: Sync Agents, Locations, Tasks, and Task Executions. Organizations interested in Datasync can use Terraform to configure these components through their Terraform configuration files. For more information about how to use the Terraform AWS Provider to set up AWS Datasync, please refer to the Terraform AWS provider docs.

»Additional Resources

Terraform will also support the following resources through the Terraform AWS Provider:

For more information about how to configure these resources, please refer to the Terraform AWS Provider documentation:


This past year we’ve introduced a number of new features for HashiCorp Consul including Consul Connect for service segmentation, Helm support for managing Kubernetes, and Multi-data Center support for enterprises. At re:Invent, AWS announced an integration for Consul that will help users manage microservices on AWS and in on-premises data centers.

»AWS Cloud Map

AWS Cloud Map is a new service which enables service discovery for AWS environments. Cloud Map gives users the capability to discover resources and services within AWS environments, conduct health checks, and integrate with other service mesh offerings, like HashiCorp Consul. Cloud Map works for any application service built on Amazon EC2 instances or Amazon ECS tasks. Cloud Map manages the configurations for ARN-based resources and APIs deployed on top of Amazon API Gateway. This means that users can register resources with specific attributes, which are then used for connecting new AWS services or resources. To ensure that only approved connections are allowed, Cloud Map authenticates API calls with AWS IAM credentials. These same APIs can also be fed directly to Consul which can then manage the connection between AWS and non-AWS resources, regardless of whether the environments are in AWS, in on-premises data centers, or within another cloud. To learn more about how Consul works with Cloud Map and see an example configuration, please read this blog.


There are a number of sessions that feature customers that use HashiCorp tools in deploying applications to AWS. Join these sessions to see how companies like Riot Games,, and Moody’s are using HashiCorp products:

»HashiCorp Booth

If you are attending AWS re:Invent, you can find our team located at Booth 341 on the expo floor. We will have a number of team members from both our engineering and solutions engineering team available there to answer questions and conduct live demonstrations of the products. Below is an overview of the new services that we are offering launch day support for as well as the conference sessions where you can learn more about how customers are using HashiCorp tools.


We are pleased to offer the launch-day services described above and look forward to continuing our work with the AWS engineering team to improve the experience for users of HashiCorp and AWS.

To learn more about HashiCorp Terraform and HashiCorp Consul, stop by our booth at re:Invent or visit our product pages.

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