Terraform Cloud adds new Sentinel policy review UI

Introducing a more efficient, streamlined way of managing policy as code workflows in Terraform Cloud.

We are excited to announce the public beta of a new Sentinel policy review experience in Terraform Cloud. Starting today, we have enabled this opt-in only feature for all existing Team & Governance and Business tier customers.

»Simplifying policy reviews at scale

When customers provision a lot of infrastructure resources using HashiCorp Terraform, the number of compliance issues that arise can be overwhelming, making it difficult to prioritize which issues need to be addressed first. The current method of grouping all compliance results together does not effectively identify the most critical issues, which can lead to delays in resolving non-compliance and increased risk.

Policy review workflow using the legacy Sentinel policy check UI.

To address this challenge, we have redesigned the Sentinel policy results user interface with a focus on simplicity and ease of use. With this new design, it’s faster and more intuitive to figure out when your infrastructure is not compliant.

We added several enhancements that make the Sentinel experience more efficient. For instance, users can now examine individual policy results, and can filter these results by status. We also added first-class support for policy descriptions so that any rule descriptions defined in a policy are shown within the policy results.

Streamlined policy reviews using the new Sentinel UI.

At HashiCorp, our mission is to empower users to manage their infrastructure with ease and confidence. We believe these new enhancements will help us achieve that goal, and we're eager to hear feedback from our users on how we can continue to improve the platform.

»Get started now

You can start exploring these new capabilities now by enabling the new Sentinel policy experience in the policies workspace settings in Terraform Cloud. As always, we're here to help, and we would love to hear your questions and feedback.

For more information on the Sentinel language and specification, visit the Sentinel documentation. If you would like to engage with the community to discuss information related to Sentinel use cases and best practices, visit the HashiCorp community rorum.

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