Terraform Enterprise adds Podman support and workflow enhancements

Customers can now deploy Terraform Enterprise using Podman on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Recent releases also improve VCS, policy, and run task workflows at scale.

HashiCorp Terraform Enterprise is the self-hosted distribution of HCP Terraform (formerly Terraform Cloud) for customers with strict regulatory, data residency, or air-gapped networking requirements. With version 202404-2, we are excited to announce that Terraform Enterprise is now fully supported for deployment on Podman with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 and above.

»Flexible Terraform deployment options

In September 2023, HashiCorp announced new flexible deployment options for Terraform Enterprise, with initial support for Docker Engine and cloud-managed Kubernetes services (Amazon EKS, Microsoft AKS, and Google GKE).

Many enterprises choose Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) as their standard Linux distribution because of its reputation for stability, security, and enterprise support offerings. Prior to version 8.0, RHEL included a fully supported Docker runtime. In RHEL 8.0 and above this was replaced with Podman, a container runtime developed by Red Hat engineers. With end-of-life of RHEL 7.x scheduled for June 2024, customers were faced with the lack of an end-to-end supported option for running Terraform Enterprise on RHEL.

With the general availability of Podman support in Terraform Enterprise v202404-2 and above, organizations that are standardized on Red Hat Enterprise Linux can continue to leverage their preferred platform with a fully supported upgrade path.

»Migration from Replicated-based installs

Customers still running a Replicated deployment of Terraform Enterprise are strongly encouraged to migrate to one of the new flexible deployment options. The final Replicated release of Terraform Enterprise is scheduled for November 2024. While HashiCorp will support this release until April 1, 2026, migrating by November ensures organizations will continue to receive the latest features and fixes.

As of the April 2024 release, the flexible deployment options for Terraform Enterprise now include:

  • Docker Engine on any supported Linux distribution
  • Cloud-managed Kubernetes: Amazon EKS, Azure AKS, or Google GKE
  • Podman on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 or 9

Customers can contact their HashiCorp representative for more information and to validate their migration and upgrade path.

»Recent Terraform feature enhancements

Since our last recap in January, Terraform Enterprise has gained additional enhancements and new features to improve efficiency and management flexibility, including:

»Upgrade now

To learn more about installing Terraform Enterprise on Podman, review the requirements and installation documentation. To learn about everything new and changed in recent Terraform Enterprise versions, check out the release notes.

To learn more about standardizing the infrastructure lifecycle with Terraform, explore our hosted and self-managed delivery options by visiting the Terraform product page or contacting HashiCorp sales.

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