New Terraform Tutorial: Deploy Infrastructure with the Terraform Cloud Operator for Kubernetes

Learn how to use the Terraform Cloud Operator for Kubernetes to manage the infrastructure lifecycle through a Kubernetes custom resource.

The Terraform Cloud Operator for Kubernetes (Operator) allows you to manage the lifecycle of cloud and on-premises infrastructure from within the Kubernetes control plane. Our new tutorial, Deploy Infrastructure with the Terraform Cloud Operator for Kubernetes, will guide you through deploying the Operator to your Kubernetes cluster and using it to provision application-related infrastructure

The Operator uses a Kubernetes Custom Resource Definition (CRD) to manage Terraform Cloud workspaces. These workspaces execute a Terraform Cloud run to provision Terraform modules. The Operator uses Terraform Cloud's state handling and locking, sequential execution of runs, and established patterns for injecting secrets and provisioning resources.

Diagram showing interaction between Terraform Cloud workspace, Terraform Operator, and Kubernetes workspace custom resource

»Get Started

In this tutorial, you will configure and deploy the Operator to a Kubernetes cluster and use it to create a Terraform Cloud workspace. You will also use the Operator to provision a message queue that the example application needs for deployment to Kubernetes.

»Learn More

Visit the following resources to learn more about the Terraform Cloud Operator for Kubernetes.

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