Welcoming Talha Tariq to HashiCorp

We're excited to announce that Talha Tariq has joined HashiCorp as Chief Security Officer.

Security is an important part of our company both for our products and for our broader vision of operating in the cloud. Organizations are moving from a traditional model of perimeter-based security and IP-based identity to zero-trust networks with application- and user-level identity across multi-cloud or hybrid cloud environments. These organizations are putting HashiCorp at the center of this transition.

HashiCorp software is downloaded tens of millions of times per year and is in use by the world's largest organizations. Software such as HashiCorp Vault is directly responsible for protecting highly sensitive information of all types. Our software is also often directly in the path of critical infrastructure. In just a few years, HashiCorp has grown to over 500 employees around the world and hundreds of enterprise customers. We understand and respect the responsibility to deliver our software securely and professionally that comes with that growth. Talha joins at a time when we are also increasing our broader investment in growing our security organization.

Talha joins as Chief Security Officer with 15 years of experience building and scaling security programs from startups to Fortune 100 organizations. Prior to HashiCorp, Talha served as Chief Information Security Officer at Anki where Talha was responsible for corporate information security, product and application security, privacy engineering, security operations, and incident response. Talha also served as Director of Security Consulting at PwC, advising clients across a range of industries on matters related to data breaches, hacking events, security program development, threat assessments, and more. Early in his career, Talha did security engineering and research at Microsoft in areas of cryptography, hypervisor, and cloud security.

The HashiCorp executive team, Armon, and I were all impressed with Talha's background both as a hands-on security engineer as well as a corporate officer who has experience building a large security organization from scratch. We are excited to bring in experienced leaders such as Talha who can help us continue to grow and meet the expectations of our community.

Welcome Talha!

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