Vault Transform

Transform is part of the Vault Enterprise Advanced Data Protection (ADP) module , allowing for Vault to protect secrets that reside in untrusted or semi-trusted systems outside of Vault. This includes data such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, and other types of compliance-regulated data that must reside within systems such as file systems or databases for performance but must be protected in the event of their residence system’s compromise.

Supporting both one-way (masking) and two-way transformations via data type protection, Transform allows Vault to resolve use cases typically addressed by tokenization, with high-performance cryptography and the full suite of the Vault platform’s high availability and security features.

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When to consider Vault Enterprise?

Open Source

Technical Complexity

Vault Open Source addresses the technical complexity of managing secrets by leveraging trusted identities across distributed infrastructure and clouds.

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Organizational Complexity

Vault Enterprise addresses the organizational complexity of large user bases and compliance requirements with collaboration and governance features.

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