HashiConf Global 2021 Keynote — Consul API Gateway & Consul 1.11

Watch the announcement and demo of Consul API Gateway, a new capability coming to HashiCorp Consul, plus the launch of Consul 1.11

HashiCorp Consul has been used at hundreds of companies, big and small, to provide service networking in three key areas:

  • Service Discovery

  • Network Infrastructure Automation

  • Service Mesh

However, there’s a fourth pillar to a service networking architecture that HashiCorp has opted to delegate to third-party tools: north-south traffic ingress — i.e. traffic coming into and out of the network.

A number of tools manage north-south traffic, but one of the more popular patterns emerging is via an API gateway. For a few years now, HashiCorp customers have asked us to add this north-south ingress capability to Consul natively in order to create a smoother, simpler-to-maintain workflow for east-west and north-south traffic management in their service networks.

Introducing the Consul API Gateway and Consul 1.11

At HashiConf Global 2021’s Day 2 keynote, HashiCorp Co-Founder and CTO Armon Dadgar announced that we are now actively working on adding this capability to Consul, and you can find our announcement and early details on the new capability in our blog Introducing the Consul API Gateway.

In the keynote, Consul Engineer Nick Ethier gives a demo of Consul API Gateway, and the keynote concludes with another announcement: Consul 1.11, which adds multi-tenancy with administrative partitions and a new installation-and-management Consul Kubernetes CLI.

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