HashiConf EU 2019 Day 2 Keynote - Stronger at Every Scale With Terraform

Jul 10, 2019

Paul Hinze, the director of Terraform at HashiCorp, discusses Terraform 0.12 improvements, upcoming Terraform Cloud features, and two new features for Terraform Enterprise.


  • Paul Hinze

    Paul Hinze

    Engineering Director of Terraform, HashiCorp

In the Day 2 keynote at HashiConf, the director of Terraform development, Paul Hinze reviews the key features released in Terraform 0.12 this year while also looking ahead to new features for Terraform Cloud, and finally wraps up with the announcement of two new features for Terraform Enterprise.

» Stronger at every scale

The #1 question HashiCorp gets about Terraform is: How do we scale? Terraform makes infrastructure easy to scale, but Terraform itself can be difficult to scale without the right features.

Learn how Terraform 0.12, Terraform Cloud, and Terraform Enterprise are bringing features that make scaling Terraform easier at each stage, from individuals to teams, and finally in large enterprises.

Here is a brief outline of the talk:


Writing configuration in Terraform 0.12

  • Stronger language
  • Richer types
  • Better collection support

Reviewing plans and results in 0.12

  • Overhauled plan output
  • Context-rich error messages


Terraform Cloud

  • Remote State Management (available for free)
  • VCS-backed collaboration (later this year)


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