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AI for infrastructure management

Accelerate your IT operations and support AIOps implementation with HashiCorp.

Challenges with AIOps

The rise in AI workloads is driving an expansion of cloud operations. Gartner predicts that cloud infrastructure, the underlying platform that powers AI applications, is expected to grow at a rate of 26.6% next year. In response to this substantial growth, platform teams are increasingly adopting infrastructure as code (IaC) to enhance efficiency and embracing AIOps implementations to help address skills gaps.

The ability to control cloud costs is now a top challenge for enterprises running AI infrastructure. HashiCorp underpins some of the largest AI workloads on the market, helping enterprises increase ROI by controlling cloud costs through infrastructure as code, eliminating idle resources and overprovisioning, and reducing infrastructure risk.

AI is taking over cloud

Manage your AI stack with infrastructure as code. Learn how HashiCorp helps platform teams use AI to manage costs, reduce risk, and cut development time.

Hashicorp Products Used


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    Enhance efficiency with AIOps

    Reduce time spent manually managing workflows with infrastructure as code. Streamline the provisioning of AI and ML workloads across your cloud infrastructure with generated module tests and boost the development speed of your infrastructure.

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    Manage infrastructure-related costs

    Reduce unnecessary cloud spend by up to 20% from idle, orphaned, and overprovisioned cloud resources to account for fluctuating AI and ML training demands.

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    Lower the barrier to entry

    Platform teams can minimize skills gaps while developing infrastructure by taking advantage of AIOps tools such as Developer AI to quickly search for reference materials, architectural guides, and more.

Products and integrations to power your adoption of AIOps

Terraform: Infrastructure as code for AIOps

Use AI and LLMs to automate your infrastructure

Generated module tests uses a large language model (LLM) to automatically generate tests for a module in the private registry, allowing users to get started with writing tests within seconds. This improves developer velocity with higher-quality, more reliable modules.

Code editor validation

Integrate with AI code generation tools to increase productivity

  • CodeWhisperer helps accelerate Terraform development by providing code suggestions that reduce total development effort, allowing Terraform practitioners to focus on end-to-end Terraform workflows. Organizations can now take advantage of generative AI with real-time Terraform suggestions, an open source reference tracker, and built-in security scans in Amazon CodeWhisperer. 
  • Copilot enhances Terraform development by providing intelligent code suggestions and auto-completion. Copilot uses generative AI to help developers write Terraform configs faster and more efficiently. It understands context, anticipates code patterns, and generates helpful snippets to significantly reduce coding time.

    Our AI-powered developer portal

    Find answers to your development challenges faster

    Developer AI helps users find personalized recommendations for using HashiCorp products by tapping into our knowledge base. It's an AI-powered companion for finding reference materials, architectural guidance, and product examples from the HashiCorp Developer website.

    Integrate with our AI and ML partners

    HashiCorp partners with leading cloud service providers

    Get started with AI

    Get started today with HashiCorp Cloud Platform and take advantage of our powerful infrastructure management features for AI workloads.