Cloud Cost Optimization

Achieve up to 400%* ROI with popular automation tools that boost efficiency and cut wasteful spending.

Your challenge

Spending on cloud computing is approaching $500 billion worldwide

An increasing share of IT budgets are allocated for cloud infrastructure. As such, it’s crucial to spend wisely, especially since there are so many ways to waste money. In fact, according to the 2023 HashiCorp State of Cloud Strategy Survey, 94% of respondents say they have avoidable cloud spend, most commonly due to some combination of idle or underused resources (50%), overprovisioned resources (50%), and lack of needed skills (43%).  

Organizations are getting the most for their cloud budget by using HashiCorp’s multi-cloud automation suite. At each layer of the stack, our products reduce sprawl and ensure efficient usage of cloud resources at scale.

Optimize cloud budgets with streamlined workflows

Efficiently consume cloud infrastructure with automated workflows. Ensure teams provision resources within policy. Reduce sprawl with standardized solutions for secrets management, encryption, and service networking.

Hashicorp Products Used


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    Improve operational efficiency and control cost

    Reduce costs through elimination of idle and orphaned resources, and prevention of over provisioning.
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    Automate and standardize for increased productivity

    Increase productivity for development teams through “golden workflows” for infrastructure provisioning, security, and networking.
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    Reduce risk and improve governance

    Create and enforce policies to provision, deploy, and run apps through a unified set of workflows at scale. Reduce “VM sprawl” and corporate risk.
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Terraform Cloud has helped us create a true self-service operation...which has improved our resource allocation, license management, and other cost factors that have cumulatively saved us more than $20,000 per month across the board.

Ben Carter
Vice President of Enterprise Architecture, Red Ventures

Optimize your cloud budget and reduce wasteful spending

Cost Op 1

Control your cloud costs

With HashiCorp Terraform, create cost-centric policies, automatically eliminate idle resources, and prevent over-provisioning. Audit logging then allows visibility to limit underutilized resources.

  • Reduce cloud spending by at least 20%: Eliminate unnecessary cloud resources.
  • Estimate cost prior to provisioning: Terraform estimates costs to price resources for your clouds prior to provisioning to avoid “sticker shock”.
  • Enforce operational best practices: Use policies to enforce restrictions on cloud spending.

    Automate and standardize for increased productivity and ROI

    Terraform enables developers to collaborate and work efficiently by provisioning from existing VCS, CI/CD, and ITSM workflows with approved, reusable infrastructure modules. This helps reduce overhead and accelerate project timelines. 

    • VCS integrations: Enable developers to provision within their CLI workflows.
    • CI/CD integrations: Enable teams to provision within their DevOps workflows.
    • Composition, collaboration, reuse: Modules as golden pipeline for infrastructure as code reuse with registry.
      Cost Op 3

      Save money with a single set of APIs for secrets management, encryption, and networking

      Use HashiCorp Vault and HashiCorp Consul to modularize and automate common security and networking requirements.

      • Standardize security and networking systems: Guide developers with a unified approach to secrets management and service networking across the organization.
      • Reduce “tool sprawl”: Eliminate one-off tools and duplicated effort with a focus on creating best-in-class solutions to leverage across all parts of the organization.
          Cost Op 4

          Reduce VM sprawl and move to a highly efficient container scheduler

          Simplify your workload orchestration with HashiCorp Nomad. Deploying and managing containers and non-containerized applications across on-premises datacenters and clouds at scale with Nomad can help you reduce infrastructure cost up to 700%.

          • Maximize resource utilization and reduce wasteful spending: adopt intelligent workload scheduling, autoscaling, and dynamic application sizing.
          • Reduce costs: Use bin-packing placements for non-containerized applications.

          Controlling Cloud Costs with Terraform

          Learn how cloud cost can increase over time and how you can use HashiCorp tools to help reduce and optimize them.


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          Terraform Cloud provides infrastructure automation as a service, is free to get started, and has in-place upgrades to paid options.