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Announcing the HashiCraft Holidays Hackstravaganza

We will be organizing a HashiCraft Holidays Hackstravaganza where you and your fellow tinkerers can use your creativity to showcase one or more of our products in creative and unexpected ways.

It is about that time again where the weather turns cold and it is time to drink hot cocoa in front of the fireplace (or recording of a fireplace on the TV). What better way to spend some of these evenings than working on a fun side-project, or organizing an internal competition at work?

We will be organizing a HashiCraft Holidays Hackstravaganza, where you and your fellow tinkerers (gather kids, partner, or friends) can use your creativity to showcase one or more of the HashiCorp products in creative and unexpected ways.

Combine software, hardware and arts & crafts to create something using the HashiCorp products that brings holiday cheer. Always wanted to make those Consul service-meshed reindeer? Terraform a gingerbread house? Schedule Santa's delivery route using Nomad? We want to see what you and your team can do!

There are a few simple rules to follow:

  • The entry should be holidays-themed (this means any holiday is welcome)
  • The entry should make use of at least 1 HashiCorp product in any way (be as creative as you want)

To enter the hackathon, form a team of up to 4 people and register by creating a Topic in the "HashiCraft Holidays Hackstravaganza" category on

  • The topic title should follow this format: TEAM - Name of the team
  • The first reply within the topic should contain the names of the team members and their username on Discuss

The projects are due before January 4th, 23:59 PST. Projects are considered “submitted” when a team member creates another reply within your team topic. The reply must contain a video showing off your creation and explaining:

  • What you have built
  • Why you have built it
  • What is cool about it

In the first two weeks of the new year, we will review all of the entries and announce the winners based on the following criteria:

  • Vision: Be as creative as you'd like.
  • Beauty works better: Be sure to spend some time on the appearance of your project.
  • Execution: Having a working project is always good, but don't let it stop you. Please share your failures and lessons learned as well.
  • Communication: Tell us why your project is awesome.

Grab your elves and head on over to the workshop and start building!

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