AWS and HashiCorp Collaborate on New Terraform Modules

AWS and HashiCorp are collaborating to develop Terraform modules.

HashiCorp is working with the Amazon Web Services Integration and Automation team (AWS IA) to have that team develop HashiCorp Terraform modules for AWS. This is an open source initiative that is aimed at practitioners who want to leverage the AWS Cloud Control API as early adopters. The goal of this work is to enrich our shared ecosystem with architectural abstractions based on AWS services and use cases. The insight that comes from knowledge of AWS internal roadmaps and upcoming innovations directly benefits our community by providing a unique point of view on efficient infrastructure configurations.

With these modules, HashiCorp and AWS intend to provide users with the most up-to-date API path to quickly deploy AWS resources, while keeping the modules lightweight and composable. These modules are developed in a way that’s open to the community and are made available at an early stage in order to encourage participation. We welcome contributions from our shared community, customers, and partners. As AWS expands these modules, the team expects to publish increasingly mature versions alongside new releases of the recently announced AWS Cloud Control provider for Terraform (AWSCC). As coverage for the AWSCC provider increases, AWS plans to incorporate new resources.

As a result of these efforts, AWS and HashiCorp are pleased to offer practitioners a selection of predefined, service-based modules built on top of the AWSCC provider. AWS-ia modules are available in the Terraform Registry on the AWS Integration and Automation namespace page.

As with any new offerings, we are looking to our community to provide us with feedback. We are planning events for later this year to provide more information to the community about the new AWSCC provider. We are grateful for the hard work done on the existing AWS Terraform modules by members of our open source community. These contributions are a key part of the Terraform AWS ecosystem. HashiCorp and AWS look forward to continuing to collaborate on these new initiatives and ongoing efforts from the community.

Interested in learning more about the AWS Cloud Control Provider or have questions you want to ask? Join us on HashiCorp Discuss or attend an upcoming HashiCorp Community Office Hours.

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