​​HashiCorp Recognized as a Best Workplace in the Bay Area

HashiCorp was ranked 28 on the 2022 Great Place to Work and Fortune magazine Best Workplaces in the Bay Area list.

Today I am very excited to share that HashiCorp has been included in the Best Workplaces Bay Area list! This is HashiCorp’s first time being included in this list, which is compiled by Great Place to Work (GPTW) and Fortune magazine.

HashiCorp’s People team is dedicated to creating amazing experiences for all of our employees at every stage of their journey with HashiCorp. So for our team, it is both humbling and an honor to have our employees share this feedback recognizing the work we as a team, and truly every employee at HashiCorp, is doing each day to create a welcoming, inclusive, and exciting work environment.

»Committed to Living Our Principles

In looking at the employee responses in our GPTW survey, nearly all the feedback included positive commentary about our culture. We’re really proud of the culture we have intentionally created because cultivating our culture is the essence of what we do.

Our culture sits at the center of everything we are, and everything we do is driven by a shared understanding of our principles and our commitment to living them each day.

At HashiCorp, our principles inform how we interact with one another, from making decisions, to hiring, to how we collaborate and communicate. And so, for us, our principles serve to help current and prospective employees thrive and be connected in a fast-growing environment.

“HashiCorp is one of the few companies I’ve worked for that actually takes its principles seriously. I see hiring decisions made in the context of those principles, performance is often measured against those principles… For most, the mission statement is some words on a wall. HashiCorp lives its values.” — GPTW employee feedback

»It’s Not Where You Work, It’s How You Work

Although HashiCorp is a remote-oriented company with people distributed around the world, we were included on this list because our headquarters is located in downtown San Francisco, but our inclusion in this list is actually representative of all of our employees' feedback.

We believe in creating a work environment that enables each team member to “work your way.” Which isn’t just about where you work, but also about how you work. By offering a flexible work environment, each person can bring their best selves to work, which in turn enables them to do their best work.

HashiCorp was built to support people working remotely, but we’ve also had our San Francisco HQ since our founding, and over time have grown into multiple satellite offices because we know that some teams are more successful when they can collaborate in person, whether that’s daily or occasionally.

Regardless of where employees work, we continue to be thoughtful and focused on creating an equitable experience for all employees.

If you want to know more about how we work, check out How HashiCorp Works. We originally created this as an internal resource to help employees be successful, later realizing the value it would have by making it available externally to give prospective employees more insights into life at HashiCorp.

»We Are Continuing to Grow

While employees across the company shared feedback through the GPTW survey about the engaging and enjoyable experiences they have working at HashiCorp, we realize that outside of engineering or product teams, HashiCorp is less known to prospective employees.

So, for candidates to understand the opportunity available at HashiCorp, it’s helpful to know what the purpose of our work is.

The products HashiCorp builds help power the businesses we all use each day, to deliver essential services, communications tools, and entertainment platforms around the world. From how we communicate at work through messaging and video apps, to online banking, to ordering a car or a coffee, to online gaming or shopping, our technology plays a critical role in making each of those moments possible.

Because of the role our products play, we are keenly aware of our responsibility to our customers and community. To put this into perspective, our products are downloaded more than 100 million times a year.

In order to support that demand, we’ve grown to more than 2,000 employees — and we’re just getting started! We like to say, “As we grow, you grow,” because with this kind of growth, opportunity is abundant for every employee. Whether that means learning a new skill, transitioning into a different role, or growing from an individual contributor to a people manager, we will support you every step of the way, to help you achieve your goals.

“At HashiCorp, you have an ability to create your ideal role because we are growing so quickly. When people see an opportunity to fill a gap in the business we support them in either creating a new role or filling an existing role.” — GPTW employee feedback

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the amazing HashiCorp employees who shared their feedback and who are a key part of making HashiCorp a Great Place To Work every day. And if any of you think HashiCorp sounds like a Great Place to Work, I hope you’ll consider joining us. You can see our open roles here, and learn more about HashiCorp here.

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