New Competency Program Validates Systems Integrators’ HashiCorp Expertise

The new Technical Competency Program for Systems Integrators allows partners to display earned competency badges on both their own website and

Today we are excited to introduce the Partner Technical Competency Program for Systems Integrators (SIs) as a part of our existing HashiCorp Partner Network Program.

This new program gives our SI partners the opportunity to be recognized with industry badges for their ability to deliver and integrate HashiCorp products and solutions into end customers’ initiatives. These badges can be displayed publicly on the partners’ own websites and on their partner listings on Competencies validate and recognize SIs’ investments in the HashiCorp ecosystem and confirm for customers that partners have the expertise to deliver and integrate HashiCorp products and solutions.

We are launching this program with two competencies, aligning to our Cloud Operating Model:

  • Infrastructure Competency
    • Infrastructure as code with HashiCorp Terraform, image management with Packer
    • Advanced solution: Networking with Consul-Terraform-Sync (CTS)
  • Security Competency
    • Secrets management with Vault
    • Advanced solution: Zero trust security with HashiCorp Vault, Terraform, and Consul

In order to earn competencies, partners will be assessed on a number of requirements, including technical staff certified on HashiCorp products and proven customer success with HashiCorp products in deployment. Competencies will be rewarded after a successful audit and will be valid for two years. By demonstrating investment in the HashiCorp ecosystem and product suite, partners in turn will gain access to HashiCorp marketing, sales, and other incentives.

CDW, a multi-brand provider of information technology solutions, is a launch partner, having earned the Infrastructure Competency badge. Andrew Cadwell, CDW Vice President, Digital Velocity Solutions, says, “This competency validates the continued investments by our Digital Velocity Team to expand our capabilities in implementing and integrating the HashiCorp product portfolio for our customers.”

TeraSky joins the program as both an Infrastructure and Security Competency partner. Tal Shatz, TeraSky’s Chief Strategy Officer, says, “This is a milestone moment. With the HashiCorp Competency Program, our clients will know with total certainty that TeraSky holds the highest level of mastery in each subject area, and trust that we're the right partner when it comes to integrating their game-changing array of solutions."

Tom Spalding, Chief Growth Officer for Infrastructure Competency partner Effectual, also acknowledges the impact the program will have on the firm’s customers, saying, “The combination of Effectual’s professional and managed services with HashiCorp’s portfolio of modernization tools will enable customers to achieve ambitious business outcomes with confidence as they become part of the once-in-a-generation shift to cloud”.

HashiCorp congratulates all the Competency Launch Partners for their commitment to our customers:

  • CDW (Infrastructure)
  • Effectual (Infrastructure)
  • Insight (Infrastructure)
  • Optiv (Security)
  • River Point Technology (Infrastructure & Security)
  • SoftServe (Infrastructure)
  • TeraSky (Infrastructure & Security)

We continue to be committed to our SI partners, who are critical to delivering and integrating HashiCorp products and solutions with a wide range of customers around the globe. For more details on the requirements to participate in the Partner Technical Competency Program, please read The HashiCorp Partner Network Competency Program Guide.

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