Renew your existing HashiCorp Certifications

HashiCorp certification holders can now renew their certifications.

We are excited to announce to all of our certification holders that the HashiCorp recertification program is now live.

Our certification exam program launched in early 2020 with a two-year lifespan for credentials. At that time, we planned to have a recertification program built within two years. Like many optimistic plans, this project took a bit longer than expected. With our recertification program now in place, credential holders can renew their certifications six months before their HashiCorp certification expires. All HashiCorp Cloud Engineer credentials will be valid for two full years from the date earned.

Let’s take a look at the paths to recertification and some of the features of the recertification program. You can also visit our Certifications Knowledge Base for a detailed look at the various recertification options.

»Paths to recertification

There are a few different ways to recertify. Below are paths to consider based on which HashiCorp Cloud Engineer certification(s) you hold.

»Recertification for active Terraform Associate 002 Cloud Engineers

If you passed the Terraform Associate 002 exam and your credential is not yet expired, you have two options for recertification:

  1. Take the new Terraform Associate 003 exam.
  2. Take the old (002) exam again starting six months before your expiration date. Please note, this version of the exam will only be available until May 19, 2023, subject to availability.

Passing either the (002) or (003) exam means you are a HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate Cloud Engineer.

»Recertification for active Consul Associate 002 Cloud Engineers

Those who have earned the Consul Associate 002 certification can take the same exam again starting six months before credential expiration. Passing this exam extends your unexpired credential’s expiration date and keeps your certification active.

»Recertification for active Vault Associate 002 Cloud Engineers

Certified Vault Associate Cloud Engineers can choose to sit for the same Vault Associate 002 exam again. Or, if you are ready to level up, you can take the Vault Operations Professional exam. Passing the professional-level exam provides a new certification and extends the expiration date of the existing associate-level certification. Either of these choices must be accomplished before the existing credential expires.

»Recertification for those with expired credentials

Those with an expired credential will need to take and pass the relevant exam again. This will result in a second certificate and badge.

»Customer-focused features

Our new recertification program will make it easier to track, update, and share credentials.

HashiCorp Certified Cloud Engineers will receive reminder emails from HashiCorp as their certification expiration date nears. The email will contain the expiration date and information about your recertification options. Candidates can register directly from their HashiCorp certification account.

We manually extended the lifespan of active, un-expired credentials to expire after March of 2023 to mitigate any lapse in credential coverage for our customers as we rolled out this program.

HashiCorp partners with Credly to manage certifications and issue badges. Certification holders can see the status and expiration date of their certifications by logging into their Credly profile.

To learn more about recertification and to submit a support ticket with specific questions on your credentials, visit the HashiCorp Certifications Knowledge Base.

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