HashiCorp Compliance Program Updates

Building on our security foundation, HashiCorp has obtained our first SOC II Type II report and ISO 27001 certificate for many of our enterprise products.

Earning and maintaining our customers’ trust is of the utmost importance to us at HashiCorp. Earlier this year we announced that HashiCorp Achieved SOC 2 Type I Compliance, and we have continued to invest in our security program, including our security team, compliance programs, and privacy functions.  

As a result, I’m pleased to share that we have now obtained our first SOC 2 Type II report, and also an ISO 27001 certificate for Terraform Enterprise, Vault Enterprise, Consul Enterprise,  Nomad Enterprise, Terraform Cloud, and HashiCorp Consul Service on Azure. 

Our security program was again audited by an external third party against the AICPA Trust Service Principles, including Security, Availability, and Confidentiality. This achievement validates our commitment as we continue to take steps to earn and maintain our customers’ trust while maturing our security posture. For more information about HashiCorp security, please visit hashicorp.com/security.  

 As we continue to expand and grow our security program, we plan on expanding the scope of our compliance program next year. Stay tuned for more details. Our audit reports and certificates are available to customers and prospects under NDA upon request

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