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Standardize secrets management

Manage access to secrets and protect sensitive data with identity-based security.

Secure your credentials for secrets, certificates, keys, and more

Vault provides organizations with identity-based security to automatically authenticate and authorize access to secrets and other sensitive data.


Centrally store, access, and distribute secrets programmatically.


Generate, rotate, and revoke certificates on demand.


Distribute, rotate, enable, and disable keys.

Data protection

Protect data in-transit and at rest.

  • Reduce risk of a breach

    Prevent credential exposure, eliminate secret sprawl, and block unauthorized users. Use Vault to authenticate access based on trusted identities and inject just-in-time credentials.

  • Save developer time

    Stop manually rotating secrets. Vault helps you enforce access policies in code and speed up audits for your team. Use one API to automate secret creation, consumption, expiration, and rotation.

  • Lower costs with increased efficiency

    Increase operational efficiency and reduce costs by scaling secrets access across large IT environments, consolidating applications for secrets storage and policy, and automating credential rotation.

Testimonials for Vault

  • With Vault, we were able to create dozens of complete namespaces and automatically generate hundreds of thousands of security tokens each day for all of our business units to use in a fraction of the time it used to take.

    Dr. Connor Mancone

    Cimpress | Lead Application Security Engineer

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Customer Success Story

Cracking the code to global success




Unique applications


Secret requests 
per day

HashiCorp solutions are intuitive, easy to use, and just continue to work on their own after the initial set up, which frees us to focus on higher value strategies and activities.

Scott Sanders
VP of Infrastructure, GitHub

Hashicorp Products Used

Standardized on best-of-breed open source solutions with support for multi-cloud environments
Reduced costs and efforts spent onboarding and training developers
Automated service discovery and secrets management across hundreds of services and thousands of nodes
Scaling backend infrastructure to meet the demands of a growing user base
  • Expand your identity-based security toolkit

    HashiCorp’s suite of products for security and networking help organizations adopt best practices for zero trust security. 

    • Manage secrets and sensitive data with Vault

    • Secure remote user access with Boundary

    • Discover and securely connect services with Consul

  • From securing the perimeter to authenticating access based on identity

    With the shift to cloud and hybrid infrastructure, companies no longer manage static IT estates with trusted perimeters. In modern dynamic environments, networks and IPs can’t be trusted, and each application and user could pose a threat. That’s why organizations are adopting identity-based security architectures built on the foundation of zero trust. With Vault, organizations reduce risk by:

    • Authenticating every user and application

    • Authorizing access based on policy and identity

    • Encrypting secrets and injecting just-in-time credentials 

    • Rotating secrets, certificates, and keys automatically

Extend Vault across your IT environment

Integrate your trusted identity providers like Okta, Kubernetes, and Active Directory to authenticate into Vault. Control access to the technologies you use, from public clouds to private datacenters, databases, SSH, and messaging queues.


Auth methods and secrets engines


Technology partners

Secure your secrets with Vault

Vault simplifies security automation and secret lifecycle management. Get started for free and let HashiCorp manage your Vault instance in the cloud. Or explore our self-managed offering to deploy Vault in your own environment.