Azure Friday: Connecting Kubernetes Clusters on Azure with Consul

Jan 16, 2019

Scott Hanselman invites HashiCorp's director of training programs Geoffrey Grossenbach to his show to discuss how Consul integrates seamlessly with Kubernetes via a new Helm chart.


  • Geoffrey Grosenbach

    Geoffrey Grosenbach

    Director of Training, HashiCorp

Consul 1.4 has some powerful new features that allow it to act as both a service mesh and service registry that connects containerized Kubernetes clusters and other types of workloads such as VMs and bare metal.

To help ease the Kubernetes integration process, Consul now has a Helm chart which the director of HashiCorp training programs, Geoffrey Grossenbach, demos for us in this Azure Friday episode.

In this short demo, Geoffrey will:

  • Install a Consul server on a Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster using the Helm chart
  • Deploy and secure a pair of microservices with Consul

For additional background, check out these resources:

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