Case Study

Service Discovery in the Cloud with Consul at Datadog

Mar 25, 2019

Darron Froese, an SRE tells the story of how Datadog integrated HashiCorp Consul into its environment, what Consul helped with, mistakes Datadog made, and some tips for successful implementation in your own environment.

Datadog had 350 VMs in AWS, and was ingesting 1 million metrics per second. This caused severe pain around service discovery and quick configuration changes.

10 months later, Datadog's 1000 VMs receive 4 million metrics per second, using Consul to facilitate 60 second cluster-wide configuration changes. It also makes service discovery simpler and more flexible.

For the slides and source code, follow the links on Darron Froese's site. Another post describes using Consul's KV store to move configuration files around and the open-source tool used to enable it.

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