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Announcing General Availability of HashiCorp Nomad 1.1

Nomad 1.1 is now generally available. This release delivers more than 10 new features to enable more flexible scheduling and a simplified operator experience.

Today we are pleased to announce the general availability of HashiCorp Nomad 1.1. Nomad is a simple and flexible orchestrator used to deploy and manage containers and non-containerized applications across on-premises and cloud environments. Nomad is widely adopted and used in production by organizations such as Cloudflare, Roblox, Q2, Pandora, and GitHub.

Nomad 1.1 delivers more than 10 new features to enable more flexible scheduling and a simplified operator experience. The core Nomad scheduler has been upgraded with new resource control mechanisms to improve cluster efficiency, application performance, and volume management. Enhancements across the UI and API support Nomad’s dedication to a simple and intuitive operator experience. In addition to core Nomad improvements, the Nomad Autoscaler now allows for more flexible scaling policies on more cloud providers.

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»Nomad 1.1 Highlights

  • Consul namespace support (Enterprise): Run Nomad-defined services in their HashiCorp Consul namespaces more easily using Nomad Enterprise.
  • License autoloading (Enterprise): Automatically load Nomad licenses when a Nomad server agent starts using Nomad Enterprise. Read the guide to learn how to enable your enterprise license.
  • Memory oversubscription: Improve cluster efficiency by allowing applications, whether containerized or non-containerized, to use memory in excess of their scheduled amount. Read our blog post on Managing Resources for Workloads with Nomad 1.1 to learn more.
  • Reserved CPU cores: Improve the performance of your applications by ensuring tasks have exclusive use of client CPUs. Read the blog to learn more.
  • Autoscaling improvements: Scale your applications more precisely with new strategies. Read our blog post on New Auto Scaling Strategy with HashiCorp Nomad to learn more.
  • CSI enhancements: Run stateful applications with improved volume management and support for Container Storage Interface (CSI) plugins such as Ceph.
  • UI improvements: Enjoy a streamlined operator experience with fuzzy search, resource monitoring, and authentication improvements.
  • Readiness checks: Differentiate between application liveness and readiness with new options for task health checks.
  • Remote task drivers (technical preview): Use Nomad to manage your workloads on more platforms, such as AWS Lambda or Amazon ECS.


Thank you to the community for providing feedback on the beta and release-candidate versions of Nomad 1.1. The full list of changes can be viewed in the changelog. Learn more about Nomad at the HashiCorp Learn website. To start a free trial of Nomad Enterprise, please sign up here.

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