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New Terraform integrations with Cisco, Dell, Red Hat, ServiceNow, and more

17 new Terraform integrations from 13 partners provide more options to automate and secure cloud infrastructure management.

The HashiCorp Terraform ecosystem continues to expand with new integrations that provide additional capabilities to HCP Terraform, Terraform Enterprise, and Community Edition users as they provision and manage their cloud and on-premises infrastructure.

Terraform is the world’s most widely used multi-cloud provisioning product. Whether you're deploying to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, other cloud and SaaS offerings, or an on-premises datacenter, Terraform can be your single control plane, using infrastructure as code for infrastructure automation to provision and manage your entire infrastructure.

Terraform q2 24 integrations

»HCP Terraform integrations

HCP Terraform (earlier known as Terraform Cloud) is a fully managed SaaS platform for teams and organizations to adopt and scale their Infrastructure Lifecycle Management, including state management, policy as code enforcement, drift detection, continuous health checks, and more.


Version 2.5 of the ServiceNow Service Catalog for Terraform, now generally available, has the ability to provision no-code workspaces through the Service Catalog. This update gives ServiceNow administrators the option to link Catalog Items in the Terraform Catalog to no-code modules in the HCP Terraform private registry instead of directly connecting to version control system (VCS) repositories. This feature opens up a new avenue for creating Terraform workspaces and provisioning infrastructure using no-code modules, empowering users to seamlessly deploy pre-approved modules without writing any Terraform code.

»Terraform Enterprise integrations

Terraform Enterprise is the self-managed distribution of HCP Terraform that allows teams and organizations to adopt and scale their Infrastructure Lifecycle Management, including state management, policy as code enforcement, drift detection, continuous health checks, and more.

»Red Hat

Terraform Enterprise is now fully supported for deployment on Podman with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 and above. With the general availability of Podman support in Terraform Enterprise v202404-2 and above, organizations that have standardized on Red Hat Enterprise Linux can continue to leverage their preferred platform with a fully supported upgrade path.

»Terraform providers

As part of our focus on helping drive innovation through new Terraform integrations and AI, we recently launched our AI Spotlight Collection on the HashiCorp Terraform Registry. Our goal is to accelerate Terraform users’ IT operations and support AIOps implementations by integrating with our AI and ML partners. Make sure to keep an eye on the spotlight section as we continue to expand our listed offerings in the coming months.

Additionally, we had 15 new verified Terraform providers from 11 different partners over the previous quarter:


CAST.AI, makers of a Kubernetes automation platform, released a new Terraform provider for CAST AI that can be used to onboard your cluster and manage resources supported by CAST AI.

»Cisco Systems

Cisco delivers software-defined networking, cloud, and security solutions to help transform businesses. Cisco DevNet has released four new providers, including the Terraform Provider for dCloud Topology Builder, which allows you to manage topologies, networks, VMs, and hardware using the dCloud Topology Builder API. With this provider, you can use Terraform to create, update, and delete topologies and their associated resources in dCloud. Next is the AppDynamics Cloud Terraform provider, a plugin that allows Terraform to manage resources on the AppDynamics Cloud Platform. Third, Cisco released the Cisco Terraform provider for Observability, which lets users manage resources in the Cisco Observability Platform using Terraform. The final release is the Terraform provider for Cisco Meraki, which allows Terraform to manage and automate your Cisco Meraki environment.

»The Cloud Software Group (NetScaler)

NetScaler — part of The Cloud Software Group — offers a variety of cloud networking products. They’ve released the NetScalerSDX provider, which provides infrastructure as code (IaC) to manage your application delivery code (ADC) via SDX. The Terraform provider lets you provision, start, stop, and reboot VPXs on SDX.

»Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies, provider of broad and innovative technology and services for the data era, released the Terraform provider for Apex Navigator. This provider allows datacenter and IT administrators to automate and orchestrate the provisioning and management of Dell Apex resources with Terraform. Currently, the provider is in beta with limited support.

»F5 Networks

F5 Networks, whose services makes it easy to optimize availability, protect data, speed deployments, and support enterprise-grade apps, released the F5OS provider for F5 VELOS and F5 rSeries. The provider helps organizations automate configurations and interactions with various services provided by the F5 VELOS platform and F5 rSeries appliances.

»Grafana Labs

Grafana Labs, makers of dashboarding technology to visualize and correlate data, has released a pair of new providers. The Grafana Schemas Terraform provider (experimental), is a generated provider to manage Grafana dashboards. The code in this repository should be considered experimental with no support and is not meant to be used in production environments, but the goal is for these generated data sources to become a part of the official Grafana provider once this project becomes more mature. The Terraform provider for Grafana Adaptive Metrics allows Terraform to run and manage Adaptive Metrics functionality within the Grafana platform.

»NHN Cloud

NHN Cloud, makers of cloud-based platforms to drive customers’ business objectives, released the Terraform provider for NHN Cloud, which allows users of the NHN cloud platform to manage and provision infrastructure with Terraform.


Pinecone makes a fully managed vector database with the ability to easily add vector search to production applications. They’ve released the Terraform provider for Pinecone, which lets Terraform manage Pinecone resources.


Streamkap, makers of modern real-time data exchange systems to sync data between systems and organizations, released its Terraform provider for Streamkap. The new provider leverages Terraform IaC to deploy and manage Streamkap tools and services.


Temporal, which makes an open source durable execution platform, released the Temporal Cloud Terraform provider, which allows Terraform to interact with and manage Temporal Cloud resources.


Zilliz, makers of Zilliz Cloud, released the new Terraform Zilliz Cloud provider. Zilliz Cloud is a fully managed vector database, and customers can now use its Terraform provider to use Terraform with Zilliz Cloud.

»Learn more about Terraform integrations

All these integrations are available for review in the HashiCorp Terraform Registry. To verify an existing integration, please refer to our Terraform Cloud Integration Program.

If you haven’t already, try the free tier of HCP Terraform to help simplify your Terraform workflows and management.

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